May 23, 2024

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Scottie Pippen book: Claims Michael Jordan ‘ruined basketball’

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Scottie Pippen book: Claims Michael Jordan ‘ruined basketball’


Scottie Pippen has unleashed extra criticism to Michael Jordan as the pair’s feud grows at any time deeper.

Pippen and Jordan have been teammates for the all-conquering Chicago Bulls side in the 1990s, but Pippen has traded what was still left of any friendship for a stream of insults in modern weeks.

This follows Pippen‘s anger at how he was portrayed in ‘The Very last Dance’, with the 56-year-previous considering that sharing many thoughts on that documentary.

Now, he has reviewed MJ further more in his new memoir ‘Unguarded’, with an extract from the Scottie Pippen e book owning been shared.

“I may possibly go as significantly to say Mike ruined basketball,” said Pippen in the reserve.

“In the 1980s on the playgrounds, you’d have absolutely everyone transferring the ball all-around – passing to support the team.

“That stopped in the 1990s. Youngsters wanted to be ‘Like Mike’.

“Nicely, Mike failed to want to go – he did not want to rebound or protect the greatest participant. He needed every little thing finished for him.

“That’s why I normally considered LeBron James was the biggest player this game has ever seen – he does everything and embodies what the sport is actually about.”

Confusion around the Scottie Pippen e-book

The motive for these barbs is unclear, with some – like Charles Barkley – believing Pippen is just making an attempt to market publications, significantly as Pippen has previously said he did not imagine James was on the similar level as Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

“If you want to say these things then just say then and you should not put them in a guide,” Barkley mentioned.

“When you bring all this stuff up and you just materialize to have a reserve coming out, that is the problem.”

Some, even so, feel it is Pippen‘s way of getting back again at Jordan, possessing not appreciated his reviews in ‘The Very last Dance’ about needing to inspire his teammates through their glory period.


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