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X-Mania’s Free Fire ID, stats, monthly income, guild, season rank, and best videos (December 2021)

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Hemant Vyas, better known by his Free Fire nickname X-Mania, is a well-known YouTuber with a large following of 1.9 million subscribers. He has also represented Survivor 4AM at the Free Fire India Championship Spring, finishing 10th.

The player started his YouTube channel in July 2019 and has seen fantastic success over more than two years. However, he has gained 2.182 million views in the last month. Additionally, X-Mania also streams on Booyah, commanding a vast following of 1.4 million.

What is X-Mania’s Free Fire ID and stats?

X-Mania’s Free Fire ID is 97762833 as he is placed in Grandmaster in BR-Ranked and Diamond 3 in CS-Ranked. He is part of the Survivor guild, whose leader is Aghor1Gaming.

Lifetime stats

X-Mania has 38k kills in squad matches (Image via Free Fire)
X-Mania has 38k kills in squad matches (Image via Free Fire)

X-Mania has played 12539 squad matches and triumphed in 3306 games, corresponding to a win percentage of 26.36%. He has accumulated 38203 kills while achieving a kill-to-death ratio of 4.14.

He has 3327 duo matches to his name, winning 547 times, which gives him a win rate of 16.44%. The YouTuber has managed to rake in 9708 kills, at a K/D ratio of 3.49.

The internet star has participated in 3106 solo matches, earning a win tally of 440 games, corresponding to a win ratio of 14.16%. X-Mania has registered 8794 frags, sustaining a K/D ratio of 3.30.

Ranked stats

He holds a 55.59% win rate in squad matches (Image via Free Fire)
He holds a 55.59% win rate in squad matches (Image via Free Fire)

X-Mania has entered into 1358 squad games this season and has outplayed his opponents to get first place on 755 occasions, which ensures him a win ratio of 55.59%. He has eliminated 5407 opponents in these matches to take up a kill-to-death ratio of 8.97.

He has won three of the seven duo matches, which comes down to a win rate of 42.85%. With 37 kills, he has attained a K/D ratio of 9.25.

X-Mania has featured in 11 solo games, clinching 3 of these for a win percentage of 27.27%. The content creator has amassed 45 kills, retaining a K/D ratio of 5.63.

Note: X-Mania’s stats are subject to change as he features more Free Fire matches.


X-Mania's progress in the previous month (Image via Social Blade)
X-Mania’s progress in the previous month (Image via Social Blade)

X-Mania’s monthly earnings through his channel are mentioned between $546 – $8.7K on Social Blade. Contrarily, his yearly income is in the range of $6.5K and $104.8K.

Best videos

1) Grandmaster In 16 Hours With Wu-kong


3) Xmania vs Ajjubhai vs Amitbhai Vs PAHADI Best Collection versus Ever !!

Note: These are ranked based on the number of views

YouTube channel

His fans have adored X-Mania for his fantastic gameplay and he has amassed incredible numbers over the past few years. His videos are pretty engaging, and they are fun to watch due to his commentary.

X-Mania is en route to 2 million subscribers, currently at 1.9 million.

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