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Which most sensible Twitch streamers are going to TwitchCon Amsterdam?

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Which most sensible Twitch streamers are going to TwitchCon Amsterdam?

TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022 is in the end going down once more on July 16 and 17, two years on from the closing one because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of the greatest streamers on the earth might be there.

Not like TwitchCon San Diego 2022, which is occurring in October and focuses extra on North American streamers, TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022 is a world conference.

That implies along with English-speaking streamers, it’ll come with the highest streamers who discuss different languages, together with Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Italian, and French.

According to uncooked numbers, the most well liked streamers attending the development are Rubén “Rubius” Gundersen, David “Grefg” Martínez, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, and TommyInnit.

Which most sensible Twitch streamers are going to TwitchCon Amsterdam?
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Best Twitch streamers at TwitchCon Anderstam 2022

2,000 different streamers can also be there, a few of that have large followings. Right here’s an inventory of the highest 5 streamers who discuss every language attending the development, courtesy of knowledge compiled through StreamsCharts.

English-speaking streamers:

  • Pokimane (9.2M fans)
  • tommyinnit (7.1M fans)
  • Mongraal (5.2M fans)
  • Tubbo (4.8M fans)
  • Quackity (4.6M fans)

Spanish-speaking streamers:

  • Rubius (12.2M fans)
  • TheGrefg (10M fans)
  • ElSpreen (4.3M fans)
  • MissaSinfonia (3M fans)
  • LOLITOFDEZ (2.8M fans)

Portuguese-speaking streamers:

  • loud_coringa (3.2M fans)
  • maethe (432K fans)
  • Move_Mind (171K fans)
  • FilipaSantos (78K fans)
  • Shina (72K fans)

German-speaking streamers:

  • Trymacs (3M fans)
  • TheRealKnossi (1.9M fans)
  • Amar (1.4M fans)
  • RevedTV (838K fans)
  • AnniTheDuck (828K fans)

Turkish-speaking streamers: 

  • wtcN (2.7M fans)
  • KendineMuzisyen (2.3M fans)
  • miafitz (739K fans)
  • Videoyun (507K fans)
  • RRaenee (478K fans)

Italian-speaking streamers:

  • POW3Rtv (1.8M fans)
  • Homyatol (801K fans)
  • imviolet_ (602K fans)
  • Moonryde (584K fans)
  • panetty (505K fans)

French-speaking streamers:

  • JLTomy (1M fans)
  • Ponce (763K fans)
  • Skyyart (754K fans)
  • Maghla (672K fans)
  • JeelTV (658K fans)
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TwitchCon Amsterdam 2022 will give lovers the uncommon alternative to satisfy their favourite streamers, however it additionally provides so a lot more than that, together with a Twitch Competitors match, giveaways, a cosplay contest, and extra.

It’s the easiest position for streamers and audience to have a good time the trade. If earlier attendance is the rest to head through, it would host greater than 30,000 other people.

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