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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Vexana and Julian Nerfed in Beta Patch 1.6.88

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Vexana and Julian Nerfed in Beta Patch 1.6.88

Beta Patch 1.6.88 for Cell Legends: Bang Bang is now obtainable on the innovative server. This update nerfs Vexana and Julian really difficult. 

Those people who facial area Vexana in Cellular Legends: Bang Bang know that they are going to have a tricky time beating her because of how harming her capabilities are. This is why the builders nerfed most of her abilities. The foundation hurt of her second ability, for example, has been minimized to just 400-700, down from 500-850.

Julian’s arsenal proved to be way too deadly for all those who are regrettable enough to cross paths with him on the battlefield. Thus, Beta Patch 1.6.88 nerfed his skills as nicely. His next skill now has diminished lifesteal performance. On top of that, the first assault of his third skill now has reduced base hurt to 300-420, from 340-500.

Patch Notes

HERO Changes

Revamped Vexana

Revamped Faramis

  • Passive

    • Cooldown of Soul Fragments Generated by Talent Hits elevated to 4 seconds

    • HP Regen: 300 + 100{cf07cd047201b183b19c0b335dbd7d35a498f84568531c8abe8643bd3ccfd494} Magic Energy >> 150 + 60{cf07cd047201b183b19c0b335dbd7d35a498f84568531c8abe8643bd3ccfd494} Magic Electric power

    • Respawn Timer Reduction For every Stack minimized to 5{cf07cd047201b183b19c0b335dbd7d35a498f84568531c8abe8643bd3ccfd494}

    • New Result: Each and every stack of Soul Fragment also grants Faramis a modest Magic Electric power improve

  • Ability 1

  • Skill 2

  • Supreme

    • Foundation extra HP reduced to 600-1,200

    • When the excess HP is depleted, the hero will enter a unique condition (can not go or solid expertise but is immune to destruction) for a brief though

    • Mounted an situation exactly where the casting of the Supreme could not be interrupted


  • Simple assault

  • Skil 1

  • Top






  • Radiant Armor

    • Problems reduction altered to 5-8

    • Craft expense minimized to 1,880

  • Blood Wings

  • Glowing Wand

  • Sophisticated Gem

Cell Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.6.88 is out there on Android and iOS.

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