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Mobile Legends Bang Bang redeem code list (February 2022)

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang redeem code list (February 2022)

There is a substantial amount of resources one requires to properly start their Mobile Legends Bang Bang journey. For users who cannot afford various in-game purchases, this is obviously a big challenge. As the game’s popularity has grown, the number of users looking to get extra in-game currency has also skyrocketed.

Before users resort to illegal methods that can get their accounts permanently banned, they need to first check out the list of active redeem codes compiled below which can help quench their ever-growing need for resources.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Redeem Codes for February 2022

Despite being a free-to-play game, it becomes challenging to face off against other Mobile Legends Bang Bang players who have a competitive advantage after making in-game purchases. Consequently, developers attempt to bridge this gap by releasing redeem codes at regular intervals.

A list of redeemable codes, which will stay active at least until the end of this month, is shown below:

  • ya5wwjzj8bmf22e73 (for new players)
  • HOLAMLBB (for new players)
  • f2tp5ht3988322cga
  • mio9cq8i0
  • 76ez9w8i4
  • axnxfb8i1
  • g6uduyqv6njx22dey
  • e9d8dg2jtzht22dg9
  • z4f9vxjetac922dg4
  • prscdrtn3am722dew
  • is50058hz
  • gm7vca9aku2j22dty
  • nf2pxqkba5ba22dty
  • qhv8t3cze2qd22dty
  • 7tmaf59eqv5n22dg5
  • naysf92zdbsj22dx6
  • r57wftehjqyb22dx4
  • vfy8dnwsjpwy22dj2
  • 85k9bhqx4brk22drj
  • my5urny6wsv822dhn

How to redeem Mobile Legends Bang Bang reward codes in 2022?

All codes listed above are single-use, so players are requested to follow the given steps exactly to ensure they get maximum rewards.

  1. First, click on your profile icon and copy the long number on the right. This is your Account ID. (It will be in this format ID:2334245453<90290>)
  2. Open the Mobile Legends code exchange page.
  3. Enter the Account ID in the Gamer ID box and tap Send.
  4. Check your in-game mailbox and copy paste the code into the verification code box on the website.
  5. You will be redirected to the code exchange site where you can enter any of the codes listed above. Hit redeem after entering the code.
  6. Check your in-game mailbox to check the rewards being credited.

Players in certain regions may face difficulties in accessing the code exchange site. In these cases, using a VPN and updating their game are some ways to get ahead of this issue.

Redeem Codes are a great way to boost the pace of one’s MLBB progress by getting additional much needed resources. Another way to achieve similar results would be active participation in all in-game events alongside engaging in the various trading aspects of the game.

Fans should stay tuned to this space for details on the latest Mobile Legends Bang Bang releases and updates.

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