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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.6.48 Introduces a New Hero; Balancing Changes

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.6.48 Introduces a New Hero; Balancing Changes


Are you a mage user in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? If so, you’d want to go to the superior server appropriate now to test out a new mage able of dealing an crazy quantity of problems. Also, Beta Patch 1.6.48 implements balancing variations to specified heroes.

New Hero

Xavier, the Defier of Mild, is now available on the game’s advanced server. Let us first start off with his passive, Transcendence. Each time Xavier hits an enemy with his skills, it gives him a stack of Power Surge that improves the future skill he casts. At three stacks, casting a talent will allow him to enter a state of Transcendence, which maximizes all his capabilities when lowering their cooldown

His initially talent is Infinite Extension. When forged, Xavier fires a Mystic Bullet that offers magic problems to enemies hit in its path. Its traveling distance increases each time the Bullet hits an enemy.

When his Mystic Discipline (second capability) is solid, he conjures a Mystic Barrier (which appears to be like like a wall) that slows enemies down and speeds allies up when they pass by means of it. It expands into a circular field when strike by his Mystic Bullet.

His top skill is named Dawning Gentle. Xavier will fire a world-wide Mystic Bolt that damages enemies in its path. Employing this routinely places him in a Transcendence state.

Balancing Variations


  • Doll Buster (passive)

  • Go! Muddles!


  • Charged Punch

  • Charged Punch (Lieh)

  • Instant Blast

  • Quick Blast (Lieh)

  • My Change (Greatest)



  • Invisible Armor

  • Slayer Shards

  • Infinite Shards


You can read through the full patch notes below.


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