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Mobile Legends April 2022 Hero Tier List

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Mobile Legends April 2022 Hero Tier List

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just finished with Season 23 moving on to Season 24. So, let’s check out the Mobile Legends April 2022 hero tier list for the ongoing Season 24 which would help players understand the current meta giving them the extra edge with the best heroes while ranking up after the rank reset.

We are already one week into Season 24 of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and the meta has shifted quite a lot. After the Patch 1.6.66 Update, the tanks have been quite on the rise, tilting the meta in their favor. With the buffs to the Bloody Retribution Jungle Item and other reworks to many tank heroes along with the defense items, tanks have been performing pretty well in the side laner and jungler roles as well.

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List for April 2022

Tier Tank Fighter Assassin Mage Marksmen Support
Overpowered (S+) Khufra, Lolita Roger, Aulus, Esmeralda Lancelot, Ling, Karina Cecilion, Valentina, Lylia, Xavier Clint, Yi Sun-Shin, Melissa, Wan Wan Mathilda
Strong (S) Hylos, Edith, Atlas, Gloo, Akai, Uranus, Tigreal, Grock Paquito, Chou, Lapu Lapu, Aldous, Yu Zhong, Jawhead, Ruby, Sun, X.Borg, Phoveus, Argus, Freya, Dyrroth, Yin Hayabusa, Fanny, Saber, Aamon, Benedetta, Gusion Selena, Yve, Pharsa, Lunox, Vale, Luo Yi, Kagura, Chang’e, Kadita, Alice, Aurora  Beatrix, Brody, Bruno, Natan, Popol and Kupa, Moskov, Kimmy, Karrie, Granger Rafaela, Estes
Good (A) Belerick, Baxia, Gatotkaca, Hilda, Johnson Balmond, Silvanna, Martis, Kaja, Masha, Guinevere, Alpha, Zilong, Bane Alucard, Helcurt, Hanzo Eudora, Cyclops, Valir, Nana, Harith, Harley Irithiel, Lesley, Miya, Claude Floryn, Angela, Diggie 
Fair (B) Franco Minsitthar, Badang, Khaleed, Terizla, Thamuz Natalia Zhask, Gord, Odette Layla, Hanabi Carmilla
Weak (C)       Vexana   Faramis
Mobile Legends Hero Tier List for April 2022

These following heroes are tiered as overpowered heroes (S+) which are currently dominating the meta. Players below epic rank should definitely try playing these heroes for the easier wins in ranked matches. Players from the epic rank unlock the draft mode where players get to ban heroes and these heroes must be definitely banned if players won’t pick them or don’t have the first pick while selecting heroes.

Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List: Best Middle Lane Heroes for Season 24

This is the shortest lane on the map and is extremely important. Winning this lane gives more access to the enemy jungle and helps in rotating to other lanes. Mages are generally picked for this lane, but heroes that counter the enemy’s middle lane hero can also be picked. Here are some of the best heroes to go for in this lane:


Mobile Legends Lylia Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List
Image via Moonton

This midget might be small but she is a force to reckon with. Lylia is very strong right from the early game; hence she can be used to invade enemy buffs paired with a good early game roam as well like Hylos. Her Ultimate Skill is also extremely useful as it basically gives her a second life but players need to cautiously use it. Her spammable AoE skills also slow enemies and do quite a lot of burst damage making her one of the meta mages that can be played in the mid-lane.


Mobile Legends Cecilion
Image via Moonton

Though his early game damage is not much but his mechanics works a lot like Aldous based on stacks, hence the more stacks he accumulates the more deadly he becomes in the late game. He is a nightmare in the late game and can pretty much one-shot heroes. His Ultimate is also very useful as not only does AoE some damage but also increases his own movement speed while slowing down the enemies as well. Without a good enemy assassin marking him, Cecilion can just sit in the back and keep destroying his enemies.

Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List: Best Experience Lane Heroes for Season 24

This lane is mainly for the heroes which are ability-based. Players can use fighters, mages, and even some tanks here. Here are some of the best meta heroes for the experience lane:


Esmeralda MLBB Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List
Image via Moonton

Esmeralda was always a pretty strong side laner however, after the recent buffs to defense items she is stronger than ever. Be it about winning lanes or her 1st skill which increases her movement speed she can rotate to help her teammates very fast and can dive into the enemy backline as well thanks to her Ultimate. She is definitely a meta hero and will be dominating this Season quite a lot.


Grock Mobile Legends MLBB Guide Cover,Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.60 Update
Image via Moonton

Yes, you read it right, Grock has astronomically risen the meta list and made it to the top thanks to the recent buffs he received in Patch 1.6.66 Update which lets any additional physical damage added to him be converted to physical defense, meaning players can build all Physical damage items on him and for every single Physical damage he gets he will also receive 0.6 Physical defense as well. This is an insanely strong buff along with his increased HP regen when near a wall, which makes him deadly as well as tanky. However, he is still weak to magic damage though.

Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List: Best Gold Lane Heroes for Season 24

This lane is mainly for the marksman heroes as they need items before they can deal damage in teamfights. Some fighter and mage heroes are also pretty good in the good lane. Here are some of the best heroes to go for in the gold lane.


Mobile Legends Clint Guide Cover Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List
Image via Moonton

After the marksman buff update previous Season, Clint has become a very strong marksman hero. His basic attacks after any skill he uses deal a lot of damage which is not only unblockable but also pierces a group of enemies. After making some core items Clint becomes very deadly and if he gets a good tank peeling for him, he can easily wipe out the enemy team from the backline.

Wan Wan

Wanwan Mobile Legends Game Cover
Image via Moonton

The 1.6.66 Patch Update brought with it the much-needed buff Wan Wan needed. She can now activate her Ultimate with only 3 weaknesses. This truly put her back in the top-tier meta-list. And with her ability to jump in the desired direction after she uses any basic attack, she doesn’t need boots at all, meaning she can build 6 other items. With the inspired spell that basically makes her hit faster and harder while recovering her health as well, she is a jumping murder machine.

Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List: Best Jungling Heroes for Season 24

Junglers have to clear jungle camps like monsters, turtles, and lords while also looking to gank other lanes. A good jungler can gain an advantage by stealing the enemy’s jungle camps. Junglers are the core of any team and require a good map sense to be more effective. Here are the best jungler heroes in the game:


Lancelot Mobile Legends Guide Cover Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List
Image via Moonton

Lancelot has always been quite a strong assassin, especially after the revamp of his skills received but now, he is just a menace. The rework made his dashes pretty easy to do which he can stack for doing insane damage. His skill 2 is also insanely strong which makes him immune from all damage and cc and is spammable as well after a few cooldown reduction items like War Axe, Endless Battle, and Hunter Strike.


Mobile Legends Ling Guide Game Cover
Image via Moonton

Ling received quite some love from the developers in the Patch 1.6.66 Update as a lot of his mobility has been shifted to his damage-dealing ability. The energy cost of his skills has been lowered and then now deals more damage. Ling also gains a double crit chance from all sources is it his emblems or items. He still needs some help in the early game though with his buffs but is quite strong now in the mid to late game.

Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List: Best Roaming Heroes for Season 24

This is one of the most important roles in the game as roamers control the pace of the game. It is a vital role as they are responsible for giving vision, engaging teamfights, and crowd controlling enemy heroes while supporting their allies. Tanks and support are generally played in this role. The best picks for roaming are:


Mobile Legends Lolita Guide Cover Mobile Legends April 2022 Tier List
Image via Moonton

Lolita has become a new meta since the M3 World Championship 2021. She has a dash, a single-target stun, an area-of-effect stun, and a shield that can block all projectiles. This makes her the perfect counter to all ranged attacks and skills. Players however need to position their skills correctly, especially her ultimate in team fights as that differentiates a good Lolita from an average one.


Mobile Legends Khufra
Image via Moonton

Khufra has always been a very good roamer but requires a lot of practice. If players invest some time in learning Khufra, then they will have a meta roam hero in their arsenal. Khufra can dash through walls and knocks up enemies in contact with them. His skill 2 makes him bounce which cancels any and all movement skill abilities when used through it which makes him a hard counter to heroes like Lancelot, Fanny, and Benedetta. His Ultimate is also a wide area stun if positioned well on a wall or structure.

Final Thoughts

MLBB is continually shifting more towards a team coordination and hero synergy-based game. Players are always coming up with new strategies and line-ups with unique hero synergies making the game more fluid and ever-evolving. The Dev Team will be soon adding the new dodge mechanics in the game to skip rank matches when there is an unfavorable draft in a game.

They are also introducing AI matchmaking which will be studying players and matching them with equally skilled players. Moreover, the old heroes have fallen off in the meta and have been long forgotten and are being reworked and revived back into the game which makes it more fun seeing your starter OG heroes back in the meta.

What do you think about this Mobile Legends Hero Tier List for April 2022? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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