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Meet the esports insiders #7: Crew lead for the LCK Social Media staff, Lee Sang-ho

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Meet the esports insiders #7: Crew lead for the LCK Social Media staff, Lee Sang-ho

Meet the esports insiders #7: Crew lead for the LCK Social Media staff, Lee Sang-ho

As esports grows, so does the selection of other folks in search of a occupation within the trade. On the other hand, it may be very tricky to discover a process, and tough to grasp the place to start out. The will for other folks with numerous abilities will increase because the trade continues to develop, nevertheless it’s now not at all times obtrusive the best way to get in.


For the ones making plans a occupation in esports, now we have ready a sequence of interviews with esports insiders. From how they discovered their jobs, what they had to be triumphant, to who they’re as other folks, we wish to deliver you their tales. We are thrilled to introduce our subsequent interviewee within the ‘Meet the esports insiders’ collection, the Crew Lead for LCK’s Social Media staff, Lee Sang-ho.

Please introduce your self to the general public.


My identify is Lee Sang-ho, and I’m these days the staff lead of the LCK Social Media staff. The LCK social media staff is in control of making plans and executing quite a lot of promotions and occasions for the fanatics each in Korea and international.


What did you do previous to operating for your present process, and the way did you transition into your present position?


I in truth moved jobs reasonably continuously. I feel I used to be beautiful fortunate with my first process; I set to work for OGN in 2016. Ever since my days as a scholar, I liked gaming and esports, so when I graduated from school, I labored against discovering a occupation within the gaming trade.


2016 used to be the so-called “Golden Technology of OGN”, as I used to be there because the inauguration and the top of Overwatch APEX. I in fact labored with the LCK on the time, in addition to different esports leagues equivalent to Heroes of the Typhoon.


After OGN, I labored for a corporation known as EJN, and it’s an organization that necessarily lays the bridge between streamers and the audience. After that, I labored for PUBG [Krafton] Studios as a freelancer, till 2019, the place I were given a choice from a manufacturer within the LCK that I labored with for a very long time. I joined the LCK in February of 2019, and feature been operating for the LCK since. Recently, I’m operating with LCK’s grasp company, Prain International Sportizen, of their esports division.

How used to be your process other again then out of your present process?


I used to be a freelancer on the time, and I used to be managing the Fb and Youtube channels. With the Youtube channel, I used to be a part of making plans and making the movies themselves, and the method integrated making thumbnails for the movies. As a result of I used to be a freelancer, I additionally labored with Nexon, on video games equivalent to FIFA On-line and Dungeon Fighter On-line.


Are there the rest you’ve ready in particular to paintings on this trade?


On the subject of advertising content material, it’s no doubt a plus if you know the way to do design. I majored in commercial design in school; I studied 3-d design, so whilst there could also be issues that overlap in my present paintings, there also are those who stray some distance from the issues I studied. Whilst it is determined by what you could do inside of esports, in the event you these days take so much on the number of process openings from the entire groups and corporations, I don’t consider that such things as your stage of schooling is necessary in any respect.


The folks that we employed, in addition to my friends on this trade, all don’t have any certificate and so they’re nonetheless superb at their jobs. I consider that even supposing it’s simply part-time, construction your revel in on this box, in addition to the extent of working out that you’ve got of this trade will very much assist. For myself, whilst I do have quite a lot of certificate associated with design, I don’t consider that the ones correlate with what I these days do; they’re now not essential.


Are you able to introduce what you now do inside the LCK?


Because the Crew Lead for the LCK Social Media staff, I’m in control of operating all of LCK’s social media channels. This comprises: Fb, Instagram, LCK International Twitter, Tik Tok, and the LCK Youtube channels. I consider that LCK’s social media channels are the nearest sorts of verbal exchange with the fanatics, so my staff and I are in control of handing over necessary knowledge, in addition to quite a lot of paperwork promotion.


I feel that LCK’s an overly distinctive league inside of LoL Esports, the place they have got a devoted fan base in Korea in addition to the world over. What are one of the crucial variations between the 2 communities?


It’s a subject matter that I believe I want to be very cautious to speak about. Whilst I consider that fanatics who’re unconditionally essential of the avid gamers’ gameplay exist in each communities, I consider that there’s a key distinction in how they deal with the fanatics. I feel that within the global neighborhood there are extra fanatics that cheer for groups around the board. There are extra global fanatics that love the ‘underdog tale’, so there are extra fanatics that cheer for the ones groups which are decrease within the standings.


Whether or not it’s in regards to the avid gamers’ stage of efficiency or of their gameplay, Korean fanatics have a tendency to be extra competitive; I feel this serves as a good on many alternative ranges.


There also are cultural variations, the place there are a large number of memes that come from the Western tradition that a large number of Korean fanatics won’t perceive occasionally. On this regard, I obtain a large number of assist from our LCK International social media strategist, Genie. No longer handiest is she from the States, she’s additionally very an expert on this regard, so I obtain a large number of assist from her.

The ingenious minds at the back of LCK’s social media sport

Are you able to inform me extra about your staff, and the way you divide up the paintings?


Together with Genie and the one that lately joined our staff, our staff is product of six other folks. For the reason that selection of socials we’re managing has higher, the quantity of labor has higher considerably as smartly, so we lately employed some new other folks. Whilst the channels that we arrange have their very own distinctive traits, on account of how our staff operates, we do in particular divide our paintings up. From the quite a lot of bulletins that we need to make, the fan occasions that we plan, to creating quite a lot of necessary selections, it’s a gaggle effort that comes from inner discussions.


In my seven years of revel in, I consider that my present staff’s paintings environment is probably the most liberal one I’ve been part of. I attempt to form it that method as smartly. 


After I interviewed Genie previous this yr, she informed me that you just paintings as in the event you’re a workaholic. What does your paintings day appear to be all the way through the season and all the way through the low season?


I in truth don’t just like the phrase, ‘workaholic’, as a result of that implies that you’ll be able to’t correctly separate your paintings lifestyles from your individual one. Particularly nowadays, I consider that it’s necessary so that you can separate the 2.


On the other hand, all the way through the season, as a result of there’s such a lot paintings, it’s arduous to split the 2. Wednesdays to Sundays are fit days, and even supposing there aren’t fits on Mondays & Tuesdays, we nonetheless have paintings equivalent to making plans content material and conferences. Our social staff works with quite a lot of different departments as smartly, and because a large number of them paintings Mondays to Fridays, we need to paintings on Mon-Tues to keep away from collision of labor hours.

On the subject of my day by day agenda, I come to LoL Park at 4 p.m. to start out my paintings, and end round 1-2 hours after the fits finish. Our staff is the remaining other folks to go away LoL Park. As for myself, as a result of I’ve extra duties than others, I both end up the remainder of my paintings when I am getting house, or play some video games if I’m loose.


I in most cases get up round 10 a.m. to both have conferences with different departments or do a little paintings earlier than I make my approach to LoL Park. This is the reason I emphasised previous that I don’t in most cases have time to revel in my private lifestyles all the way through the season.


That is my agenda all the way through the Spring and Summer season splits, which is round 3 to 4 months of the yr. All the way through the gaps that we’ve got between the splits and global occasions and all the way through the low season is when my staff takes some time without work. We in most cases announce after we’re happening wreck on our socials. This isn’t to mention that we don’t do any paintings all the way through then, however we do have much more loose time in comparison to all the way through the season.


The Youtube thumbnails are at all times one thing that the LCK communities speak about. The place do you get the foundation to create such amusing thumbnails, and what’s the ingenious procedure like?


I began making Youtube thumbnails in 2019, and it didn’t come naturally. There have been a large number of fanatics in search of the place the unique concepts got here from, to the purpose the place other folks had been even evaluating thumbnails to the youtube channel of former professional participant ‘Pray’.


Whilst I did create thumbnails by myself since my OGN days, I now have a complete staff operating with me for the remaining two years. In some way, I feel that is one thing that I excel at, however this present day, our staff all talk about concepts, to the purpose the place I’m in truth now not operating at the thumbnails beginning this Summer season cut up. A few of my staff individuals that sought after to cause them to are taking turns making them. Whilst I do make the overall name, each and every certainly one of us are a part of the ingenious procedure.


In some way, I believe that my paintings is attached to my expansive checklist of leisure pursuits, equivalent to science, shares, trade, or even making issues. I additionally get started my break day studying the inside track, so I have a tendency to replicate a large number of the present societal problems to the thumbnails. After all, there’s a line that I can’t pass, however I additionally love to parody a large number of well-liked motion pictures, or obtain inspiration from my leisure pursuits.


Now that you just point out the way you parody a large number of present societal problems, there used to be the slap incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock on the Oscars. In my view, I used to be hoping I’d see a thumbnail parodying that incident as smartly.


The private same old that I’ve for which incidents I will be able to and can not parody in a thumbnail is obvious. Regardless of who’s at fault, I nonetheless believe the slap incident to be attack, so it used to be arduous for me to parody it. I do notice that there are global fanatics that in finding it funny, however I have a tendency to make use of handiest the profitable staff within the thumbnails. Whilst it’s necessary for fanatics to seek out the thumbnails to be humorous, it’s additionally on me if anyone feels angry by means of them.


Even though I attempt to persist with my requirements, there were occasions once they turned into a arguable matter locally. From a private viewpoint, there were occasions when false rumors had been unfold from the thumbnails. Even so, as a result of I made them, I’m the only in charge for inflicting misunderstandings. If there are any fanatics that had been harm, I’d love to take this opportunity to express regret.   

Screencapped from LCK’s Youtube channel

You made a decision to make the avid gamers bald for your fresh thumbnails. How come?


One of the crucial feedback requested if the editor’s bald or now not, however sadly for them, I’ve a large number of hair [laughter]. After I photoshopped avid gamers’ faces onto bald champions like Lee Sin or Ryze, the fan reaction used to be very certain. Even one of the crucial avid gamers’ responses had been certain as smartly. On account of this, we later needed to create grounds to cause them to bald, equivalent to photoshopping Gwen chopping the avid gamers’ hair off along with her scissor [laughter].

Screencapped from LCK’s Youtube channel

Fortunately, even the Korean casters discussed it on broadcast, by means of announcing such things as “Participant A’s going to get his head shaved this night” [laughter]. I believe that the entire bald factor discovered its position inside the checklist of LCK memes, so I see it as a win.


On the other hand, some avid gamers even stated they’re going to sue[?] you…

Ruler stated he will sue [image source: Ruler’s Instagram]

I at all times say this, but when I do obtain lawsuit papers from them, it’s going to have my identify on them, proper? I see it as products that’s customized made for me [laughter]. It’s going to have the participant’s identify and signature on it, so it’ll be superior.


Are you able to introduce a few of your favourite thumbnails?

This one is from 2019. On the time, Jin Air Inexperienced Wings couldn’t win a unmarried sport all through the common cut up, till the very finish, the place they after all controlled to win a fit. That storyline used to be very emotional, so I used a Jin Air aircraft to mention that they after all took off and gained.


As a result of I labored on this scene for reasonably some time, I don’t have a specific staff nor participant that I’m partial to. Nor do I feel I will have to be partial to a undeniable staff/participant. I’m now not part of a undeniable staff, so now not handiest do I’ve to stay impartial, I’m partial to the LCK as a league, so I’m now not partial to a undeniable staff/participant.


Every time I watch a staff on a dropping streak, I see the avid gamers annoyed and offended. I will be able to’t assist myself however to empathize for them as it feels in reality unhealthy gazing them so stressed on account of dropping. When Jin Air after all gained their first sport so overdue in that season, I couldn’t assist myself however to cheer for them. Some Jin air avid gamers even cried once they gained, so I sought after to specific the truth that they’re commencing to raised heights. I believe that I’ve performed a greater process than I expected, so that is one I be mindful reasonably vividly.

This subsequent thumbnail is a continuation of Jin Air’s storyline again then. Jin Air needed to play within the relegation match later that season, and so they controlled to stick inside the LCK, so I used a Jin Air aircraft that safely landed to replicate that. I love how the storyline persevered, so this may be person who I love.

This subsequent one’s from the 2019 Spring Finals. All the way through the 2019 Spring cut up, ‘Bang’ got here to line up for SKT T1 [T1]’s front on April Idiot’s Day. I sought after to specific the a hit transition of the brand new era of the bot laner. In the event you glance carefully, the 2 Ezreal fashions are other; the up to date champion style is on best of Teddy, whilst the outdated one’s on best of Bang. Either one of those avid gamers are recognized for being excellent with Ezreal, so I feel that used to be a pleasant contact. It additionally mirrored LCK’s imaginative and prescient of the league on the time, so this one’s very memorable.


I attempt to specific a large number of the storylines inside the LCK, and in the event you glance carefully, there are a large number of easter eggs I cover within the thumbnails as smartly. You could forget them to start with look, however there are fanatics that carefully take a look at them and in finding them as smartly. Thru those easter eggs, I even have a large number of amusing speaking with the fanatics.

This remaining one is when T1 went undefeated this Spring cut up. I believe that this sort of report gained’t be damaged for a while, so I felt it used to be significant to indicate that report out like this this fashion.


What do you suppose is crucial issue for your present paintings?


No longer handiest is the fervour for the sport and esports essential, however the perspective you will have for content material and media may be essential. I feel individuals who eat a large number of media content material will excel at this process. No longer handiest do you want to observe the present traits, however you want to additionally step up and be keen to create your individual vogue. My staff and I are very critical in relation to media content material, and I feel this not unusual characteristic is why we paintings so smartly in combination.


When do you are feeling probably the most glad for your line of labor?


It’s somewhat other in relation to the true paintings itself and the corporate environment. Presently, I’ve been the staff lead for simply over a yr and a part. Prior to now, I’ve been each a freelancer and part of a staff at an organization. On the subject of the corporate facet, I believe probably the most glad when my staff and I be informed and develop from our errors. Every time my staff issues out issues that I didn’t recall to mind, or after we simply talk about nice critiques about one thing, I believe glad to peer everybody develop such a lot in this sort of quick period of time.


On the subject of the true paintings itself, as a result of we’re ready closest to the fanatics, the certain reaction that we get from the quite a lot of promotions, thumbnails, and even if LCK is solely discussed so much is once I’m glad. I believe that the entire creators and the selling other folks would particularly believe me in this.

At the turn facet, I believe upset when false rumors that come from unknown assets are unfold inside the neighborhood. As a result of there are a large number of firms that paintings in combination to perform the LCK, there are occasions when I will be able to’t supply right kind explanations. It’s emotionally draining to move thru such occasions, however that’s one thing I’ve to endure because the staff lead for LCK’s social staff. Occasions like those additionally supply footing to learn to keep in touch higher with the fanatics, so it’s now not all that unhealthy.


When are issues the hardest whilst operating?


I felt that force of wanting to do a excellent process at all times, as a result of that is my first time in a management place and dealing in a staff surroundings that’s very liberal. I used to be in reality stressed about this, however having a look again on it, it helped me develop. My staff additionally stepped forward and grew thru such tricky occasions, so in the end, it used to be a win.


What would you assert is the most important factor you realized as a staff lead?


My staff supplies a large number of recent concepts that stems from their early life. I’d say that finding out how my conclusions to objects aren’t at all times the solution is the most important factor I’ve realized, and I feel the ones in quite a lot of managerial positions would believe me as smartly.


What are one of the crucial issues you need to reach whilst operating within the esports scene?


Prior to now, I sought after to make my identify recognized within the trade. On the other hand, I feel it is a function of my more youthful self: I simply wish to create nice LCK content material with my unbelievable staff. To take that function one step additional, I would like the LCK to develop into extra global-friendly, be extra accommodating to global fanatics, and assist develop it to be the trend-leading league now not simply in LoL Esports, however in esports as a complete.

In the event you needed to give some recommendation to these meaning to develop into such as you, what would they be?


If you are feeling the urge to paintings within the trade since you’re partial to a undeniable staff or participant, then I like to recommend that you just give it yet one more idea. I’m now not announcing that’s unhealthy, however I’ve observed a large number of other folks surrender simply because it’s now not what they anticipated. You want to need one thing additional, just like the paintings surroundings that you need to paintings in or a imaginative and prescient that you need to reach. Gaming and esports are two utterly other fields, in order that’s additionally one thing you want to take into accounts as smartly.


This present day, there are methods to achieve paintings revel in in esports at an early age. I encourage you to revel in a large number of issues in lifestyles, then in reality ponder your occupation.


Finally, is there the rest you need to mention to the LCK fanatics, in addition to to the readers of this interview?


Esports can handiest mature and in finding its approach to sports activities on account of the fanatics. Leagues and avid gamers can handiest exist if there are fanatics. I wish to thank the entire fanatics who make the verbal exchange much more amusing. We’re getting ready some tasty content material for the longer term, so I’m hoping you are able to deliciously benefit from the content material that we make.


Finally, I additionally wish to thank the fanatics and the avid gamers for the certain reaction to the thumbnails, and my apologies cross out to the avid gamers as smartly for making them glance the best way they do in them.

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