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Comedian Bill Engvall caught a miserable break on Augusta’s famous 12th

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Comedian Bill Engvall caught a miserable break on Augusta’s famous 12th

Tens of millions of golfers everywhere desire of that elusive hole in one particular. Now consider how they could possibly sense if it came on 1 of the most famous golfing holes in the entire world?

This pretty much occurred to comic Bill Engvall. Pretty much. Rather, it turned into an epic disaster.

Engvall, just one of the four customers of the wildly well-known Blue Collar Comedy Tour, is also a large golfing lover. He not too long ago joined GOLF’s Subpar Podcast to chat about his match, his lifetime as a comic and more. The 64-yr-aged also shared what he called his “favorite golfing story.”

Monthly bill Engvall hits a push in the course of the next round of the BMW Charity Pro-Am in 2014.

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Engvall stated he was participating in Augusta Nationwide two months just after the Masters (he did not say what year) with St. Louis Cardinals legend Ozzie Smith. Like any working day at Augusta, it was a memorable round. But when they acquired to the iconic par-3 12th hole it turned 1 he’d genuinely never ever overlook — albeit not for the proper explanations.

“It’s the par-3 above Rae’s Creek, and my caddie suggests ‘Let’s hit a 6-iron,” Engvall recalls. “And I say Alright. And I’m at Augusta. I’m not even pondering about golf genuinely, which appears bizarre. But it’s just so stunning. And I strike this ball and I swear as soon as it remaining the club he goes, ‘Oh person.’ And I’m like, What? And he goes, ‘That is tracking. That is tracking.’ And I’m viewing it, and it is. And it hits on the green, and he claims, ‘There it goes! There it goes!’ It hits the pin and rolls 45 ft off down into the creek. [Laughs]

Just like that, a in the vicinity of hole-in-one turned into a h2o ball.

“That’s how brief the greens had been,” Engvall stated. “It strike on the eco-friendly and rolled and strike the pin sq. and kicked it off. If I would have gotten a hole in one particular on that gap I would have stop golf.”

You can look at out the whole interview with Engvall below.

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