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Highest heroes to counter Natalia in Cell Legends

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Highest heroes to counter Natalia in Cell Legends

Probably the most most powerful early recreation heroes in Cell Legends: Bang Bang is murderer, Natalia, the Shiny Claw. She’s one in all 5 heroes who can flip invisible, with a equipment that’s particularly designed for bursting down squishy heroes with little to no mobility.

She’s tricky to pin down, and just a handful of heroes can live to tell the tale her complete combo as soon as she will get her final, The Hunt. It shall we her input stealth mode whilst empowering her subsequent elementary assault for 3 seconds.

There’s a reason Natalia is thought of as the most efficient pub stomper within the Land of Break of day, however like every murderer heroes, she’s lovely simple to kill as soon as she exhausts all her abilities. Listed below are 3 heroes who divulge her weaknesses and invisibility in Cell Legends: Bang Bang.

Best 3 Natalia counters in Cell Legends


Highest heroes to counter Natalia in Cell Legends
Credit score: Moonton

Hylos’ equipment is a nightmare for Natalia to handle. The tank hero has a single-target stun that may disrupt the Shiny Claw’s combo. His 2d ability, Ring of Punishment, lets in him to stay shut and prevent her from triggering her invisibility passive, Murderer Intuition.

If she makes use of The Hunt, Hylos can simply shut the space together with his final, Superb Pathway, which accelerates the motion velocity of all allies in a big pathway whilst slowing down the entire enemies within.

He must persist with his squishiest best friend to keep away from Natalia from snowballing within the early recreation. Opt for Vintage Cuirass in case your group is forward or Blade Armor if she already has a couple of kills throughout the first 5 mins of the sport.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang support hero Rafaela
Credit score: Moonton

Selecting enhance heroes is at all times a foul concept if there’s an enemy Natalia, except that enhance is Rafaela. What makes Rafaela viable towards the murderer hero is her Gentle of Retribution ability, which exposes Natalia’s precise location. The exclamation mark pops up on most sensible of her persona style, a hallmark that the murderer is within sight.

That ability by myself stops her from turning invisible and blinking. If Natalia comes to a decision to concentrate on you as an alternative, you’ll be able to use Holy Baptism to stun her and escape safely.

That mentioned, Rafaela wishes to stay with regards to her jungler or marksman as her abilities don’t deal as a lot injury. Construct Wintry weather Truncheon in an instant as soon as Natalia completes her core pieces. Going for Dash may be really useful as Natalia can simply blink in the back of Rafaela two times with The Hunt.

Popol and Kupa

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Popol and Kupa
Credit score: Moonton

In case you are tasked with manning the gold lane and Natalia is at the reverse group, Popol and Kupa is your easiest guess. Popol’s traps are nice for recognizing the nimble murderer hero when she comes to a decision to gank your lane.

Even supposing she evades all your traps, you’ll be able to use Lend a hand! to knock the Shiny Claw airborne if she will get shut. Battle again with Chew em’, Kupa! to forestall her from escaping. That is nearly at all times a certain kill if you have already got one in all your offensive pieces comparable to Blade of Depression or Berserker’s Fury.

Rinse and repeat this tactic till the overdue recreation. In group fights, position traps round you so that each one enemies, together with Natalia, could have a hard time leaping into the backline. Should you in finding that the sport continues to be difficult, purchase Wind of Nature or Immortality within the overdue recreation.

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