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Bang Bang Promo Codes For Free Stuff (May 2022)

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Bang Bang Promo Codes For Free Stuff (May 2022)

Players looking to gain some free loot in Mobile Legends Bang Bang can use the following free promo codes.

The MOBA scene can be a bit intimidating for many players. Those that have grown up watching their friends and family hop between titles like League of Legends or Smite may feel a bit overwhelmed by the difficulty curve that’s presented in these games. Thankfully, as time as gone on, the genre has grown and now includes a bevy of titles that appeal to players of all skill levels and playstyles, rewarding those who practice and perfect their heroes of choice. An excellent example of this is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, an iOS and Android compatible MOBA that operates much like other offerings in the genre while separating itself with its lineup of heroes and fast-paced gameplay.


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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offers up a wide array of heroes, giving players a ton of choice for whom they want to “main” or what characters they may be interested in. With over 100 heroes to choose from, there’s something for everyone. But, like many other MOBAs, not all heroes are unlocked at the start of it all. In order to unlock more characters, players will need to grind through Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s varying game modes, collecting currency that they can use to unlock new heroes and other goodies. Thankfully, there are missions and other achievement-style quests that will make this process a bit less daunting. There are even promo codes out there that award players with free stuff. Here’s a look at some of the codes readily available for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

How To Input Redeem Codes In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Inputting codes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a bit different from other platforms and MOBAs. Here’s how players can access their code redemption system:

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang uses a specialized code redemption page found here. Players will need to enter some information, like a Redemption Code, Game ID, and Verification Code.
  • The Redemption Code will be one of the following codes listed below.
  • The Game ID can be found by opening Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on a mobile device, making sure the appropriate account is logged in, and then tapping the Profile Icon, which is the portrait just under a player’s name in the top left corner of the screen. After doing so, players will see a long string of numbers on the right-hand side of the screen. The longer first number is the one that players should input into the Game ID section on the exchange website, not the one in parentheses.
  • Once players have filled in the Game ID, they can hit SEND. This will cause the website to send them an in-game mail that will contain their Verification Code. Once players have this Verification Code and Game ID set on the redemption website, they can begin inputting any of the Redeem Codes below to see if they work.
  • It’s important to note that Verification Codes will only last 30 minutes before expiring, so players will need to redo the Verification Code process if it’s been too long.
  • If a code works, players will receive the rewards as an in-game mail.

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Here’s a look at some of the available Mobile Legends: Bang Bang codes:

It’s very important to note that some of these codes come with a hidden “limit” that will go into effect when a certain number of players have activated the code. For example, if a code has a limit of 1000 people, it will “cease to work” after 1000 people have redeemed it. Please keep that in mind when attempting these codes.

  • 1ztcqma9n
  • 2rephr3g5nr422fn2
  • 49ATS258Y2ZD22FMX
  • 4xu4c7w3cxt422fzb
  • 6h7p7k359mty22ftw
  • atwajcaa6
  • EAKSUY228C
  • euu9pza9q
  • fastpwevdmu922fuk
  • h8c2fn8zw3tx22fu4
  • HOLAMLBB (Only available to New Players)
  • my9sk3gkw4z822fz7
  • nq7g3mkupjbu22fza
  • ubevlj9rr
  • vtwbnh7zwquf22fz6
  • y667rnt24fh222ff5

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