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5 rarest Free Fire bundles like Criminal bundle as of OB33 version

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5 rarest Free Fire bundles like Criminal bundle as of OB33 version

Free Fire is one of the most popular titles in the battle royale genre. The title’s most attractive feature is the colorful attire that players can obtain from in-game bundles. These bundles can be purchased with the help of diamonds. The Criminal bundle is considered one of the finest bundles available in the game.

Players are always on the hunt to get rare bundles like the Criminal bundle. This article discusses the five rarest Free Fire bundles like the Criminal Bundle as of the OB33 version.

Rare Free Fire bundles like Criminal bundle as of OB33 version

5) Heartthrob Bundle

The Heartthrob bundle is rare in the Free Fire title. Players can get the bundle for 499 diamonds from the store. The purple of the outfits in the bundle makes the bundle more eye-catching. The bundle has outfits with basic looks that are more suitable for beginner players in the game.

The bundle consists of the following items:

  • Heartthrob Head
  • Heartthrob Mask
  • Heartthrob Top
  • Heartthrob Bottom
  • Heartthrob Shoes

4) Skater Boy Bundle

The Skater Boy is a fan favorite bundle in the title. The bundle is also one of the oldest and most legendary bundles. The coolest feature of the bundle is the modern hoodies and the animated skates on the shoes.

The animation of the skates makes the bundle even rarer. There are two Skater bundles available for male and female characters in the game with a price tag of 1499 diamonds.

The bundle consists of the following items:

  • Skater Boy Top
  • Skater Boy Bottom
  • Skater Boy Mask
  • Skater Boy Head
  • Skater Boy Shoes

3) Fury Senior Bundle

The Fury Senior bundle is another rare bundle in Free Fire like the Criminal Bundle. The bundle is only available for 899 diamonds, cheaper than other bundles. The bundle has a sleek and royale look and is preferred by players with aggressive gameplay.

The bundle consists of the following items:

  • Fury Senior Top
  • Fury Senior Bottom
  • Fury Senior Mask
  • Fury Senior Head
  • Fury Senior Shoes

2) True Charm Bundle

The True Charm bundle is an exclusive bundle available with the BTS collaboration of Garena. The bundle features animated outfits and a cool-looking emote. The emote has an animated neon heart flying around the character. Players can head to the BTS event and can redeem the bundle with the help of special BTS crystals.

The bundle consists of the following items:

  • True Charm Top
  • True Charm Bottom
  • True Charm Mask
  • True Charm Head
  • True Charm Shoes

1) Deceptive Fearless Bundle

The Deceptive Fearless bundle is the best-looking in the Garena X BTS collaboration. The bundle has an animated hoddie with purple flames coming out of it. The flames and purple theme make the outfit even more dashing. Along with outfits, the bundle also offers an exclusive emote with great animations and steps in Free Fire.

The bundle consists of the following items:

  • Deceptive Fearless Top
  • Deceptive Fearless Bottom
  • Deceptive Fearless Mask
  • Deceptive Fearless Head
  • Deceptive Fearless Shoes

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.