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5 best Free Fire MAX skins to get in May 2022

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5 best Free Fire MAX skins to get in May 2022

Free Fire MAX is the premium battle royale title from Garena. The title is designed to offer the same Free Fire gaming experience to users with improvements and high-quality graphics. The developers keep adding new skins and other customizations for players with the latest updates and events.

Skins help players make their in-game character look more quirky and stand out from others in the lobby. Players can equip these skins on their in-game characters, weapons, vehicles, gloo walls, and other items.

This article discusses the best skins in Free Fire MAX that players can collect in May 2022.

Best Free Fire MAX skins to get in May 2022

5) Dawnlit Hitman Set


Players can get the Dawnlit Hitmans set from the diamond royale section in the game. The outfit has an astonishing shine and look. The outfit can be redeemed with the help of spin in the diamond royale.

Players can do a single spin with 60 diamonds and also have the option of doing 11 spins for 600 diamonds. The chances of getting the set are higher and one can easily get the set for themselves.

The in-game description reads:

“Glow-in-the-dark dragon.”

4) Deceptive Fearless Gloo Wall


The Deceptive Fearless Gloo Wall skin is one of the most sought-after cosmetics in the title. The skin is available in the Faded Wheel event in the events section. Players can head over to the event to redeem the gloo wall skin with the help of diamonds. The black and purple theme of the gloo wall skin is very eye-catching.

The small sword imprinted in the middle of the gloo wall increases its shiny look even more.

3) Tricky Jolly Bundle


The Tricky Jolly Bundle is an awesome bundle added to the bundle section of the store. The bundle has a light green top and dark green bottom which looks significant.

  • Tricky Jolly bundle (Head)
  • Tricky Jolly bundle (Faceprint)
  • Tricky Jolly bundle (Top)
  • Tricky Jolly bundle (Bottom)
  • Tricky Jolly bundle (Shoes)

2) Vector-Aquablaze Wrath


The Aquablaze Wrath skin of Vector is a rare weapon skin in the game. Players can obtain the skin from the Aquablaze Wrath weapon loot crate in the weapons section of the store.

One crate costs around 40 diamonds for players to redeem the skin permanently. Upon equipping the skin, they can improve the damage per hit and range of the weapon.

1) Charge Buster-Frenzy Bunny


Charge Buster is one of the most recently added weapon skins in Free Fire MAX. The red flame animations on the skin have caught the eye of lots of shotgun users. Players can get the skin from the weapon royale section of the game.

The skin improves the reload speed and range of the weapon. However, players have to suffice with decreased movement speed.

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