January 20, 2022

Ilfa Sprot

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5 best Free Fire emotes to get with diamonds in January 2022

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Emotes have become a staple in battle royale games like Free Fire these days. These in-game collectibles have no tactical use in a match, but serve as a way to either flex or style on enemies on the battlefield.

There is a dedicated section in the Free Fire store for emotes, and users can acquire them using diamonds. Each emote costs hundreds of diamonds which in turn cost real money. For those looking to pick up some fresh emotes, here are some of the best that are available at the time of writing.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer’s opinion.

Listing the best emotes to unlock with diamonds in Garena Free Fire

1) Shattered Reality

Shattered Reality emote (Image via Free Fire)
Shattered Reality emote (Image via Free Fire)

Price: Free reward after 500-diamond top-up


“Powerful even in virtual reality.”

The latest emote is part of ‘New Age Top Up,’ where users can purchase 500 diamonds to acquire the emote for free. It seems like a steal deal, especially since Shattered Reality is a legendary emote available for a specific time in January.

The animation features the in-game character navigating through a holographic map and then shattering the same with one punch.

2) LOL

Price: 399 diamonds


“You tryna’ steal my loot while making me laugh?”

LOL has grown to be one of the most popular emotes in Garena Free Fire due to the its use by YouTubers in their thumbnails. One can acquire the LOL emote for 399 diamonds and mock their enemies with a hysterical laugh.

3) Kongfu

Price – 399 diamonds


“Pow! Pow! Bam!”

The Kongfu emote draws its inspiration from a real-life martial art trick that features nunchucks. The character shows some impressive nunchuck moves that every pop culture-enthusiast can identify as inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee.

4) Bhangra

Price: 399 diamonds


“Let’s get some energy going.”

Bhangra is a Punjabi folk dance that is quite popular among natives of India worldwide. Free Fire’s Bhangra emote features a basic step out of the famous Punjabi dance routine and signifies celebratory energy.

5) Moon Flip

Price: 399 diamonds


“Watch my moon kick!”

Moon Flip arguably has the most refined animation cycle among the permanent emotes available in the store. The character executes an impressive somersault in a stylish manner, which has led to many trickshot compilations across YouTube and other platforms.