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4 expert tips to be the go-to golf scoreboard calligrapher at your club

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4 expert tips to be the go-to golf scoreboard calligrapher at your club

The do the job of calligrapher Paul Pope.

Courtesy Paul Pope

The artwork of scoreboard calligraphy evokes golf’s generations-outdated roots. While it’s not as normally seen in the professional ranks these days, it is nonetheless out there, a staple at some occasions and lots of club championships and tournaments.

We not too long ago profiled some of the most knowledgeable and finest golf scoreboard calligraphers in the match, but we’d be accomplishing you, pricey reader, a disservice if we didn’t hand off a couple of of their ideas.

When it comes to golf scoreboard calligraphy, all of our execs are on the exact web site about the ABCs of the get the job done — or, as 1 professional sums it up, if you’re contemplating about fancying up your subsequent corporate outing, the A.R.T. of it all.

Ace calligrapher Mark Passey handled the boards at the 2003 Men’s State Team competition at Charles River CC in Newton Centre, Mass.

Paging Mr. Produce: An appreciation of scoreboard calligraphy, which introduced flair and outdated-college course to tournament golfing


Josh Berhow

1. Precision. Hometowns, names and scores have to be appropriate at all occasions. Numbers and letters need to be rendered in a constant model way too.

2. Readability. Positive, as fonts go, Outdated English is stylish, but what fantastic will that do if even Shakespeare can not examine it? Similar goes for elaborate shade strategies. In other terms, no fruit salad.

3. Timeliness. It’s a golf event or a money activity. Players and your buddies want scores ASAP. Really don’t make them wait around.

4. At last: Obtain your design and style! Slant your letters, include a shadow, mix in a symbol. With out creating it also chaotic, make it… memorable.

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