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What do you do when you and your partner hit each other’s ball?

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What do you do when you and your partner hit each other’s ball?

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What’s the penalty when two players hit each and every other’s ball?

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The Rules of Golf are tricky! Thankfully, we have obtained the expert. Our Rules Guy knows the e-book entrance to again. Bought a problem? He’s obtained all the responses.

My ball settled into thick rough a couple of yards in front of the inexperienced. I identified it and moved away as my opponent performed his pitch shot. He bladed it, and his ball struck my ball, which popped up and returned to its authentic situation. His ball caromed into a greenside bunker. I played my pitch shot onto the eco-friendly he went to participate in the bunker shot — and identified that it was not his ball but mine, when I had mistakenly performed his ball! We determined that he need to participate in the ball from the bunker and then just change back our balls. Was that appropriate?  
—Eric Bjankini, through e mail

In two terms, heavens no. Take into account, my good Mr. Bjankini: Why should your opponent perform the completely wrong ball from the completely wrong position?

In match play, underneath Rule 6.3c, you drop the gap when you play the erroneous ball — end of tale.

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Guidelines Dude: What takes place if I strike the mistaken ball out of a hazard?


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In stroke engage in, points get a bit more elaborate. You get a two-stroke penalty and have to have to replay your shot from that authentic place, only with the suitable ball. Your fellow competitor also wants to spot his ball in that place and enjoy from there as effectively, only devoid of penalty, since he’s performed practically nothing untoward (other than blade his prior shot).

As to what buy you play in, considering that you are each on the identical place, that’s for you two to function out.

And as to the lie probably changing following the to start with participant goes, Rule 14.2d has you covered. If the lie is altered before changing the ball, the next participant will place the ball on the nearest spot with a lie most related to the first lie within one particular club-duration of the initial location, no nearer the gap and nevertheless in the common area.

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Acquired a query about the Policies? Request the Rules Dude! Send out your queries, confusions and opinions to [email protected]. We assure he won’t toss the reserve at you.

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