May 23, 2024

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UFC legend offers up next logical fight for Jake Paul

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UFC legend offers up next logical fight for Jake Paul

Jake Paul has lit up the boxing entire world by getting on a sequence of famous names in each and every of his outings. His previous match from Tyron Woodley paid off massive time when he scored a enormous knockout.

Jake Paul has called for a quantity of UFC fighters for his upcoming boxing match. Chris Weidman not long ago spoke about it on his podcast and has provided up an exciting identify for his future battle.

“I consider he’s alright, but I really don’t imagine a dude all-around his own measurement he has any probability with. When I look at his boxing even the initially four rounds I did believe Tyron was profitable. I imagined it was terribly boring. I assume it was one punch, clinch, a single punch, clinch. But at least they were form of likely after each and every other. I would adore to see him battle Anderson Silva,” Weidman said on his Won’t Back Down podcast. “He’s contacting out all these fighters with UFC contracts. None of those people are definitely likely to occur at this issue.

“Unless you are drawing in $500 million like the [Floyd] Mayweather and Conor McGregor fights were undertaking, the UFC’s not undertaking that due to the fact they want to break up it. So [we’re] wasting our time even talking about Diaz, Masvidal, and Usman. Just a waste of time chatting about it, but that is how he’s amping himself up creating himself sound like he’ll battle anybody,” he extra. “But he’s contacting out all smaller fellas. Anderson Silva is not underneath contract. He’s a skilled boxer. He’s been on the lookout excellent. He defeat a former environment champion in his [debut] struggle. And they’re appropriate all over the identical body weight, similar sizing. Why are not we hearing him get in touch with Anderson Silva out? I would adore to see that.”

Anderson Silva would make a large amount of perception for Jake Paul’s future boxing match. It would be a tricky struggle thanks to Silva’s measurement and boxing experience. Paul does not approach on returning right until mid-2022.

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