April 24, 2024

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PUBG is no joke, even for a seasoned battle royale player

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PUBG is no joke, even for a seasoned battle royale player

It’s tranquil. Also silent. PUBG: Battlegrounds is so silent it feels like it will travel me mad. It really is my initial match, and the only seem emanating through my headset is the slap of my character’s bare feet as I operate across a patchy grass industry. As a rather seasoned battle royale player, shelling out several hours every single week in both of those Warzone and Apex Legends (with a quick foray into Fortnite, thanks to that Ariana Grande live performance), PUBG is a total other beast. 

PUBG went absolutely free-to-enjoy earlier this year, and although inventive director Dave Curd claims it wasn’t in response to the good results of Warzone or Apex Legends, it truly is extremely hard to not consider the other struggle royales in this conversation. PUBG might have kickstarted the struggle royale pattern back again in 2017, but given that its launch, it has also grow to be a single of the most inaccessible, many thanks to its cost tag and additional unforgiving gameplay fashion. And even nevertheless it’s now cost-free-to-enjoy, its grounded gameplay and sluggish speed still make this a tough BR nut to crack.

Receiving started 

PUBG: Battlegrounds

(Picture credit rating: PUBG Corp)

You are not able to get into PUBG matches with out heading by a tutorial, and I get caught inside the to start with number of minutes. During the part the place I’m demanded to shoot targets whilst aiming down sight, I nail various photographs in a row but the counter frustratingly remains at zero. Turns out the Ads characteristic I am made use of to in battle royales (keeping down the still left trigger to provide the gun up to your facial area), isn’t Adverts in PUBG, and you’ve gotta tap the bring about to go in and out of it. Laughing to myself at how lengthy it took to recognize this, I finish the rest of the tutorial with simplicity and jump into AI coaching periods the place I am positioned on your own in a battle royale match loaded with bots.

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