April 12, 2024

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PUBG Dev’s PC MMO Tera Is Shutting Down, As Dev Shifts To Other Projects

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PUBG Dev’s PC MMO Tera Is Shutting Down, As Dev Shifts To Other Projects

The MMO Tera is shutting down, at least on PC. Developer Bluehole–which is now more famous for PUBG–has announced that it will stop development on the game and shift to other projects.

Publisher Gameforge relayed the news, saying in a statement that it would like to continue supporting Tera but it cannot do so without Bluehole.

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“After careful deliberations, the developers of TERA (Bluehole) have unfortunately taken the difficult decision to end development of the game, as they feel that they are no longer able to provide the satisfying content that Tera players deserve,” Gameforge said. “Instead they would like to focus their internal development efforts on other projects. Gameforge has happily hosted a great community in TERA for almost 10 years now, and would have happily served players even longer, but without the support of the developers this is not feasible.”

Tera will stop accepting new account sign-ups on May 31, 2022, which is also when the currency Tera Thalers will be deactivated. All Tera Club purchases will be deactivated on this date as well, while servers will officially go offline on June 30. Tera’s website, forums, and social media pages will also close after the servers go dark.

The FAQ only mentions PC, so it remains to be seen what will happen with Tera on console across PlayStation and Xbox. GameSpot has contacted the publisher in an attempt to get more details.

When the game first launched on PC in 2012, GameSpot gave it a 7.5/10 in our Tera review. Kevin VanOrd said the game followed the standard pattern for fantasy MMORPGs, having you complete quests and level up before heading to new areas; however, he said the combat was exceptional. “What a difference an excellent combat system makes, and in Tera’s case, it elevates an ordinary game into something more delightful than you would have expected from an MMOG,” he wrote. “It might be all about the fight, but when the fight is this much fun, you want to keep your axe arm swinging and your mouse finger clicking.”

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