April 15, 2024

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Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association to launch own league

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Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association to launch own league

PWHPA’s prerequisite of a tangible plan for sustainable and specialist salaries was sticking position in talks with PHFPWHPA

The Skilled Women’s Hockey Players Association is “likely their very own way” by launching a 6-workforce league centered in Canada and the U.S. starting in January ’23 by April, according to Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek. There will be a “minimum salary of $55,000 ‘plus rewards and a 32-game agenda.'” Marek additional, “Search for a comprehensive rebrand. This matter will not be referred to as the PWHPA. There will be a new name for this new league” (“HNIC,” Sportsnet, 4/16). THE HOCKEY NEWS’ Ian Kennedy wrote as the PWHPA was started as a gamers association to stand for the pursuits of athletes, when a formal league starts, a new title “will present a one of a kind entity for the organization.” A sticking place in the conversations amongst the PWHPA and Leading Hockey Federation has “ongoing to be the PWHPA’s necessity of a tangible plan for sustainable and experienced salaries.” When the PHF this yr claimed that groups “would now have a $750,000 salary cap, no income floor was declared and no league minimal wage was set up.” This usually means a lot of gamers in the league “could even now be obtaining salaries incapable of supporting athletes in competing as specialists without the need of requiring another job.” A further motive the PWHPA chose not to continue with the PHF is Chair John Boynton’s “ties to Russia.” Boynton has been a “primary fiscal backer of the PHF and numerous franchises in the league but sits as as chairman of Russian company Yandex” (THEHOCKEYNEWS.com, 4/17).

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