July 18, 2024

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.58 Melissa Now Available on Live Servers

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.58 Melissa Now Available on Live Servers


Melissa, a marksman hero that makes use of her trusty dolls to deal hurt and present some utility, is now obtainable on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang dwell servers. Patch 1.6.58 also delivers some hero balancing alterations, notably to Diggie, Silvanna, and Gloo, among the other people.

The lovable owl timekeeper, Diggie, has been given some significant buffs in this update. Initial is that his base HP and base bodily protection are elevated to 2,468 and 20, respectively. Although his very first talent, Auto Alarm Bomb, has its harm and magic ability reward lowered a little, it no for a longer period runs on costs and its cooldown is further more diminished. 

On prime of that, the talent has a new influence exactly where he gains two stacks of Hazardous Sparks every time his owl alarm hits an enemy hero. Each individual stack raises the skill’s harm by 1{cf07cd047201b183b19c0b335dbd7d35a498f84568531c8abe8643bd3ccfd494} and it stacks up to 60. He loses 50 {cf07cd047201b183b19c0b335dbd7d35a498f84568531c8abe8643bd3ccfd494} of the stacks on dying but gains a person stack of Harmful Sparks every single time his abilities hit an enemy hero when in Egg Kind.

Apart from Diggie, Silvanna has gotten greater in this patch. Her assault pace ratio has greater to 100{cf07cd047201b183b19c0b335dbd7d35a498f84568531c8abe8643bd3ccfd494}. Her passive, Knight’s Solve, has its simple attack’s magic electricity reward improved to 75{cf07cd047201b183b19c0b335dbd7d35a498f84568531c8abe8643bd3ccfd494}.

Patch Notes

HERO Adjustments



  • Stick, Stick (Passive)

  • Slam, Slam (Skill 1)

  • Pass, Pass (Talent 2)



  • Shadow Strike (Talent 1)

  • I Am You (Supreme)





System Adjustments

Cell Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.6.58 is offered on Android and iOS.

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