January 20, 2022

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Meet Neon, VALORANT’s newest electric agent

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VALORANT gamers can shortly take the fight to their enemies with Neon, the most recent agent becoming a member of the match with an electrifying capability set. 

Followers obtained their very first in-depth seem at Neon right now in a new cinematic trailer that showcased her temperament and thrilling new qualities. Neon is a Filipino agent who can outmaneuver and outgun opponents with relieve. The trailer reveals her dashing previous enemies with a sprint capacity and she can even slide to escape in gunfights.

The trailer displays her throwing an electric ball that bounces off walls and deals destruction to the space it lands. Neon also has an capacity equivalent to Phoenix’s wall, but this potential contains two blue walls that seemingly supply protection on equally sides.

Neon’s final capacity appears to be an electrical electricity that will allow her to shoot electric power from her fingers. It is unclear how a lot harm this does, but it appears to be like a devastating capability that can very easily gain gunfights.

Gamers have caught glimpses of Neon for weeks. In December, a website article gave supporters their initial seem at her shoes, which also hinted at her qualities since a streak of lightning could be witnessed beneath a single of the soles. The VALORANT Key Gaming loot web page also posted an graphic of Neon early, providing followers an official look at the new agent just ahead of the new yr. 

Neon will likely be launched with Episode 4 later on this month.

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