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LCS, LEC 2021 offseason roster changes tracker

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LCS, LEC 2021 offseason roster changes tracker


With the League of Legends World Championship all but finished and the 2021-22 offseason about to get underway, the professional offseason is about to kick off in its entirety. As the year wraps up, countless teams across the globe will shift their rosters, while a strong number of professional players will find new homes.

On Nov. 15, many professional League contracts expire across the globe. Players signed through the 2021 season will be able to sign new deals with new teams or re-up their contracts with their existing orgs. 

Still, many teams have been making moves ahead of that all-important Nov. 15 date. Several players have either re-signed or been released from their deals, while other figures in the scene are open to seeing their contracts get bought out as well. 

Here are all the confirmed and reported moves that have happened so far. 

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100 Thieves

Nov. 15: 100 Thieves hires Mithy as assistant coach
Cloud9 head coach Mithy will reportedly join 100 Thieves’ coaching staff in 2022 as an assistant coach, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Pablo Suarez.

Nov. 15: 100 Thieves reveals entire 2021 roster will return next season
100 Thieves’ LCS-winning squad will return to the Rift in 2021, the team has announced. Academy-level top laner Tenacity will also join the squad in a substitute position alongside Ssumday.


Oct. 28: Team reportedly makes mid laner Perkz available for buyout

After purchasing a record-setting contract buyout from G2 Esports last offseason, Cloud9 is reportedly placing Perkz’s contract on the market once again. The six-year veteran could potentially explore options in the LCS or the region where he first gained fame, the LEC. 

Nov. 12: Perkz departs after one season

After placing his contract on the buyout market earlier in the offseason, Cloud9 announced Perkz’s departure from the team after just one competitive season. In 2021, Perkz helped C9 secure the LCS Spring Split title, in addition to a top-eight finish at the World Championship later in the year.

Nov. 16: Vulcan transferred to Evil Geniuses
After two years with Cloud9, Vulcan departed the organization by way of a transfer to Evil Geniuses. During his tenure with the team, Vulcan helped C9 capture to two LCS titles, as well as a top-eight finish at this year’s League World Championship.

Nov. 17: Winsome, Summit to reportedly join at support, top lane, Fudge moving to mid lane
Cloud9 is acquiring LCK Challenger support Winsome, as well as Liiv Sandbox top laner Summit, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. Winsome will reportedly compete with C9’s Academy-level support Isles for the starting support position. The addition of Summit to the roster will reportedly push the team’s current top laner Fudge into the mid lane. 

Nov. 17: Berserker to reportedly join as team’s starting AD carry
T1 Challengers AD carry Berserker will join Cloud9 in a starting bottom lane role, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. The future of the team’s current ADC, Zven, remains in limbo.


Oct. 26: Jonathon McDaniel hired as new general manager

After constructing a roster consisting of five veteran players in 2021, CLG is taking an opposite route next season. With the hiring of former Golden Guardians assistant GM Jonathon McDaniel, CLG will be making a heel turn toward a younger, developmental approach, according to the organization

Nov. 9: Thinkcard hired as new head coach

CLG continued to restructure its out-of-game personnel by hiring Thinkcard to lead the LCS coaching staff. The former CLG jungler will be reuniting with the team after seven seasons away from the organization. In that time, Thinkcard has coached for five different LCS organizations. 

Nov. 15: All five starters released from contracts

CLG dropped all five of its 2021 starters as soon as free agency started. Finn, Broxah, Damonte, WildTurtle, and Smoothie will all be looking for new teams next season. 

Nov. 15: CLG reportedly buys out Contractz from Evil Geniuses

Contractz will reportedly join CLG in 2022 by way of a contract buyout, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. After spending the 2021 season as a substitute for EG, Contractz will presumably be returning to a starting role.

Nov. 19: Jenkins, Contractz, Palafox, Luger, and Poome revealed as team’s starting five
CLG will sport a relatively young roster next season, with Jenkins, Contractz, Palafox, Luger, and Poome officially revealed as the team’s starting lineup. Only one player on the team, Contractz, has more than two years of LCS experience.


Nov. 15: Team parts ways with Aphromoo after two seasons

Dignitas and Aphromoo have decided to go their separate ways after two full seasons. The nine-year veteran will enter free agency for just the third time in his career.

Nov. 15: Soligo, Yusui, JayJ released

Dignitas released both of its mid laners, Soligo and Yusui, as well as its Academy-level support JayJ ahead of the 2022 season.

Nov. 15: Dignitas to reportedly sign River and Blue

Dignitas’ 2022 mid-jungle duo is reportedly locked in, as PSG Talon jungler River and SK Gaming mid laner Blue will join the team, according to Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. 

Nov. 15: Enatron to reportedly join as head coach

Former Misfits coach Enatron will reportedly spearhead Dignitas’ coaching staff in 2022, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf.

Nov. 16: Neo re-signs for 2022
Dignitas AD carry Neo will rejoin the team in 2022, the organization announced. Neo was a candidate for LCS Rookie of the Year this past season.

Evil Geniuses

Nov. 9: Team reportedly agrees to buyout Inspired from Rogue

After finishing third in the LCS regular season and coming just two matches away from the 2021 World Championship, Evil Geniuses began its offseason push by making a move for the reigning LEC MVP, Inspired, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. 

Nov. 15: Jiizuke released after two seasons

Evil Geniuses released Jiizuke after two years with the organization, the team officially announced. Jiizuke had played his entire career in Europe before transferring to the LCS ahead of the 2020 season. 

Nov. 15: Jojopyun promoted to main LCS roster
Evil Geniuses promoted Academy mid laner Jojopyun to its LCS roster. The team will replace Jiizuke, who departed the organization earlier in the offseason.

Nov. 16: Vulcan joins from Cloud9
Evil Geniuses added Vulcan to its roster by way of a transfer from Cloud9, the team announced. Vulcan will presumably replace IgNar at the support position, whose fate remains unknown at this time.


Nov. 15: FlyQuest reportedly signs Toucouille, Aphromoo to multi-year deals

FlyQuest has reportedly signed GameWard mid laner Toucouille to a three-year deal, in addition to signing former Dignitas support Aphromoo to a two-year deal, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. Toucouille, a one-time LFL MVP, will be making his major region debut with FlyQuest. while Aphromoo will be entering his 10th season as an LCS pro.

Nov. 17: Dreams, Triple, Palafox, head coach Kanani officially released
FlyQuest opened up room on its roster by officially releasing head coach Kanani, support Dreams, and mid laners Triple and Palafox.

Golden Guardians

Nov. 11: Team releases Academy players RoseThorn, Yunbee, and Newbie

Golden Guardians released three players from its Academy roster to begin its offseason. Among those players, Newbie, the organization’s former starting support, was the only one to appear in an LCS-level game in 2021.

Nov. 12: Academy top laner Niles retires after one professional season

After making his debut earlier in the 2021 season, Niles announced his retirement from professional League to focus on his familial relationships and upcoming marriage.

Nov. 15: Team re-signs Licorice and Ablazeolive

Golden Guardians re-signed solo laners Licorice and Ablazeolive ahead of 2022. The pair joined the organization during the 2021 season. 

Nov. 15: Olleh returns to pro play, joins team as starting support
Former Immortals and Team Liquid support Olleh will join Golden Guardians in a starting role next season, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. Olleh has not played in a professional setting since 2020.

Nov. 15: Golden Guardians to sign Pridestalkr, buy out Lost

Golden Guardians will reportedly sign Mouz jungler Pridestalkr to man the jungle position in 2022, according to Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. The team is also reportedly negotiating a deal with TSM to buy out the contract of AD carry Lost, according to Wolf.


Sept. 30: Dardoch out as assistant coach after one split, will look to resume playing career elsewhere 

Dardoch, who briefly returned to Immortals as an assistant coach this summer, will be looking for opportunities as a player moving into the 2022 season. The 23-year-old LCS veteran was benched and subsequently released by Dignitas halfway through the 2021 season and has played for seven different LCS organizations throughout his career. 

Nov. 15: Guilhoto reportedly out at head coach

Immortals will reportedly lose its head coach Andre “Guilhoto” Pereira Guilhoto to Team Liquid ahead of the 2022 season, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Pablo Suarez. 

Nov. 15: Top laner Revenge’s contract extended

Immortals extended the contract of top laner Revenge through the 2023 season. Revenge was an LCS Rookie of the Year candidate in 2021. 

Nov. 15: Immortals reportedly sign PowerOfEvil and WildTurtle

Immortals will reportedly add a proven pair of carries to its lineup in PowerOfEvil and Wildturtle, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Pablo Suarez. The two played together most recently on FlyQuest in 2020, bringing that team to the group stage of that year’s World Championship.

Team Liquid

Nov. 4: Bwipo, Bjergsen, Hans sama to reportedly sign with team

Team Liquid will reconstruct its roster ahead of the 2022 season, adding three high-profile names in Bwipo, Bjergsen, and Hans sama during free agency, as originally reported by Upcomer. Bwipo and Bjergsen will join the team via new contract signings, while Hans sama’s contract with Rogue will be bought out by Liquid.

Nov. 15: Guilhoto reportedly joins as head coach
Immortals head coach Andre “Guilhoto” Pereira Guilhoto will join Team Liquid as the team’s head coach for 2022, according to a report for Dot Esports’ Pablo Suarez.

Nov. 18: Tactical and Alphari officially released 
Tactical and Alphari were officially released from Team Liquid after their departures had been reported earlier in the offseason.


Oct. 28: Head coach Bjergsen departs after eight seasons

After spending the 2021 season as a head coach, TSM’s longtime franchise mid laner Bjergsen is moving on from the organization. TSM extended a “highly competitive” offer to Bjergsen to return to his post on Oct. 1, but the mid laner declined, seeking opportunities elsewhere. 

Oct. 29: SwordArt departs after one season

TSM and veteran support SwordArt parted ways after just one season together. The eight-year League pro spent the majority of his career playing in the LMS and LPL. 

Oct. 29: Huni, Spica confirmed to return in 2022

TSM owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh confirmed on Reddit that Huni and Spica will return to the team’s lineup in 2022. 

Nov. 15: PowerOfEvil departs team after one season

TSM released PowerOfEvil despite the mid laner having one more year left on his contract. The seven-year pro has never played for a team for a period longer than one season.

Nov. 17: Tactical reportedly joins as starting ADC
TSM will buy out the contract of Team Liquid AD carry Tactical, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Pablo Suárez. Before joining Liquid, Tactical played for TSM’s Academy-level team in 2019. 

Nov. 18: Chawy reportedly hired as head coach
TSM is set to hire Hong Kong Attitude head coach Chawy as its next head coach, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Pablo Suárez. Chawy will fill the vacancy left behind by first-year head coach Bjergsen.

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Sept. 22: Releases MagiFelix after one season

MagiFelix, a noted solo queue superstar who was picked up by Astralis midway through the 2021 season, was released by the team after just six months. Astralis will likely be looking to restructure its young core moving into 2022.

Oct. 18: Releases Jeskla after one season

Astralis continued to make early offseason removals when AD carry Jeskla was released by the organization on Oct. 18. 

Nov. 16: Kobbe officially joins as AD carry
Longtime LEC AD carry Kobbe joined Astralis in a starting role after spending the 2021 season with Misfits.

Excel Esports

Nov. 12: Head coach Youngbuck re-signs with team

Excel head coach Joey “Youngbuck” Steltenpool has re-upped his contract with the team for the 2022 season. Youngbuck has been at the helm of Excel since 2020.

Nov. 18: Finn joins as starting top laner
After spending a year in North America with CLG, Finn will return to the LEC to play for Excel, the organization officially announced.


Sept. 2: Extends Hylissang’s contract through 2023 season

After qualifying for this year’s World Championship, Fnatic extended the contract of one of its franchise players, Hylissang, for two more years. Hylissang has played with Fnatic for four seasons and will be under contract with the organization until 2023. 

Oct. 28: Razork to reportedly join team on multi-year deal

Fnatic will reportedly sign Misfits jungler Razork to a multi-year deal, as first reported by LEC reporter Wooloo.

Oct. 29: Bwipo to reportedly leave Fnatic after four seasons

After spending the latter half of the 2021 season as Fnatic’s jungler, Bwipo has reportedly decided not to renew his contract with the organization. Bwipo will most likely return to the top lane in 2022, a position he spent the first three years of his career playing. 

Nov. 16: Wunder to reportedly join as new top laner
After reportedly losing reigning LEC Rookie of the Split Adam to Team BDS earlier in the offseason, Fnatic is making the move to acquire Wunder from G2 Esports, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Pablo Suárez. Wunder’s buyout price started at 2 million euros, but was eventually reduced throughout the offseason, according to Suárez.

 G2 Esports

Sept. 2: Extends Caps’ contract through 2023 season 

Early in the offseason, G2 extended the modern pillar of its starting lineup, Caps. The LEC All-Pro mid laner’s contract was originally set to expire after the 2022 season, but he and the organization came to a decision in September that will allow him to stay under the G2 banner through 2023. 

Oct. 11: Places Rekkles, Grabbz, Wunder, Mikyx, and Nelson on trading block. 

After missing the League World Championship for the first time in five years, G2 put the majority of its starting lineup, in addition to two coaches, up for sale on the buyout market. Each of the five members G2 put up for sale is signed through at least 2022 but will most likely be finding a new home before the 2021 offseason concludes. 

Oct. 30: Targamas reportedly joining as starting support

Targamas, support player for LFL runner-up Karmine Corp, will be heading to G2 when free agency opens on Nov. 15, as reported by Dot Esports. The rookie-to-be will be replacing Mikyx, who G2 placed on the trading block earlier in the offseason. 

Nov. 2: Flakked will reportedly be signed as starting AD carry

G2’s bottom lane will be fleshed out when the team signs Flakked as its starting AD carry once the free agency window opens, as reported by Dot Esports. The MAD Lions Madrid AD carry has been playing in Spain’s Superliga since 2019 and will make his LEC debut next season. 

Nov. 12: Head coach GrabbZ, head analyst Duffman depart after four seasons

G2’s coaching staff suffered its first losses of the offseason when the team officially announced the departures of GrabbZ and Duffman. The two coaches had been a part of G2 since 2018 and led the team to multiple World Championship appearances during their tenures.

MAD Lions

Nov. 4: Team extends contracts of coaching staff 

After a successful season that saw MAD Lions win back-to-back LEC titles, the team extended the contracts of three of its four LEC coaches through 2023, including the team’s head coach, James “Mac” MacCormack. Assistant coach Christophe “Kaas” van Oudheusden was extended through 2022. 

Nov. 5: Unforgiven reportedly joins as starting AD carry

Several hours after Dot Esports reported that Carzzy is leaving MAD Lions to join Vitality, MAD Lions agreed to a verbal deal with SK Gaming Prime ADC Unforgiven, according to Dot Esports’ Pablo Suarez.

Nov. 15: MAD Lions to sign RKR at mid lane

MAD Lions will reportedly sign Berlin International Gaming mid laner RKR, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Jacob Wolf. The team is negotiating a buyout for its current mid laner, Humanoid, but deals with other teams, namely Fnatic, have not been finalized, according to Wolf.


Nov. 15: Hirit, Vander, and Neon reportedly signed, Shlatan reportedly promoted
Misfits has reportedly extended the contracts of top laner Hirit and support Vander, in addition to signing Schalke 04 AD carry Neon. The organization has also promoted Shlatan, its Academy jungler, to its main LEC roster.


Nov. 9: Reportedly sells Inspired’s contract to Evil Geniuses

Rogue and Evil Geniuses will reach a buyout deal for the contract of LEC MVP jungler Inspired, according to a report from Dot Esports. After failing to advance past the group stage at the World Championship for the second straight season, Rogue will be looking to retool its starting roster. Rogue had extended Inspired earlier this season and the jungler is signed through 2023.

  SK Gaming

Sept. 9: Releases substitute jungler TynX

After a midseason role swap left TynX as SK Gaming’s odd man out, the jungler was forced to the bench. Early in the offseason, TynX was released from SK’s roster altogether.

Nov. 9: Releases head coach Jesiz

After two seasons, SK Gaming and Jesiz parted ways. The former LEC support briefly returned to the stage this summer but spent the majority of his time with the organization leading SK’s coaching staff. In the 2021 Spring Split, he delivered the team to the LEC playoffs. 

Nov. 14: Team parts ways with support Lilipp

SK Gaming released its support Lilipp after one split played at the LEC level. Lilipp made his LEC debut midway through the 2021 season.

Team BDS

Nov. 9: Reportedly reaches verbal agreement with xMatty

Team BDS and Karmine Corp AD carry xMatty reached a verbal agreement ahead of the 2022 season, according to a report from Dot Esports. The 22-year-old will make his LEC debut for the first-year organization next season.

Nov. 15: Team BDS reportedly buys out Adam from Fnatic

Team BDS has reportedly reached an agreement with Fnatic to purchase the contract of top laner Adam, according to a report from Dot Esports’ Pablo Suarez. The first-year player made his LEC debut this past summer, winning the league’s Rookie of the Year award.

Team Vitality

Sept. 14: Selfmade reportedly extends contract through 2022 season

After acquiring Selfmade from Fnatic in a midseason trade, Vitality signed him to a contract extension once the 2021 LEC season came to a close, according to a report by Dot Esports. 

Nov. 1: Perkz, Alphari reportedly reach agreement to join team

Cloud9 mid laner Perkz and Team Liquid top laner Alphari have reportedly come to terms with Team Vitality to play for the organization in 2022, as first reported by Esportmanaicos. The two players will join the team by way of separate buyouts.

Nov. 5: Carzzy reportedly agrees to join team on three-year deal

Vitality began its offseason reconstruction plan by adding one of the defending LEC champions in Carzzy, according to a report by Dot Esports. The MAD Lions AD carry will reportedly join the Vitality roster on a three-year contract. 

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