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Kings Promotions Marshall Kauffman is a Jack of All Trades! ⋆ Boxing News 24

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By Ken Hissner: Reading through, Pennsylvania’s Marshall Kauffman of Kings Promotions has promoted around 134 situations and this year was inducted into the Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame.

Following boxing as an amateur Kauffman started selling fights in 1981 with beginner and pro demonstrates. His son heavyweight Travis “My Time” Kauffman, 32-4 (23), was amongst all those he has promoted. 

Kauffman has promoted and managed near to 50 fighters. A single of his top rated fighters was IBF Welterweight winner Kermit Cintron, 39-6-3 (30), who retired in 2018. His most recent champions he promotes are earth winner is WBC and IBO Planet Female Super Featherweight Alycia “The Bomb” Baumgardner, 11-1 (7) WBO Intercontinental champion Ra’eese “The Beast” Aleem, 19- (12), and WBC Silver Heavyweight champion Danielle Perkins, 3- (1). 

www.boxrec.com lists near to fifty boxers Kauffman has labored with.

Among the those people active now which have  that Kauffman promotes are Mykal Fox, 22-4 (5), Janelson Bocachica, 17–1 (11), Michael Polite Coffie, 12-1 (9), Steven Torres, 5- (5), Greg “Sharpshooter” Outlaw, 9-1 (4), Martino “Titan” Jules, 11- (2), Naim Nelson, 14-5 (1), Kalvin “Hot Sauce” Henderson, 15-1-1 (11), Pointdexter “Savage” Knight, 6- (3), James Martin, 7-3 (), Blake Mansfield, 7-4-1 (4), Colby Madison, 9-3-2 (6), Atif Oberlton, 4- (4), Genc Pllana, 9-3-1 (5), Erik Spring, 13-4-2 (1), Khainell Wheeler, 6-1 (5), Damien “Sugar” Vazquez, 16-3-1 (8), Jonathan “Torres” Rodriguez, 9-1-1 (3), Brandon “Brob” Robinson, 15-3 (10), Devar Ferhadi, 9- (7), Marcus Bates, 11-2-1 (8), Victor Vazquez, 11-5 (5), Rasheed Johnson, 8-4 (3), Quadir Albright, 4- (4), and Kashon Hutchinson, 9-5 (2), Jeremy Cuevas 13-1 (10) and Julian Gonzalez 5- (5) 

Former boxers Kauffman labored with ended up Tyrone “Young Gun” Brunson, 28-8-2 (25), Frank DeAlba, 23-5-2 (9), Junior Castillo, 14-1 (10), Joe “The Future” Hanks, 23-3 (15), Nick “Hands of Gold” Casal, 23-4-1 (17), Tyrone Crawley, 7-1-1 (, Antowyan Aikens, 13-7-1 (1), and Anvar Yunusov, 8-1 (4).  

Kauffman runs Kings Gymnasium, in Studying, PA, and in the earlier has qualified at 1 time or a different WBA Tremendous Middleweight winner Steve “Lightning” Tiny, 25-17-3 (6), Julian “Mr. KO” Letterlough, 21-5-3 (20), Rob Calloway, 71-14-2 (57), Heavyweight winner Hasim Rahman, 50-9-2 (41), Tarvis Simms, 27-1-1 (11), and Dayton Wheeler, 14-6-2 (12).

Aiding with Kauffman’s matchmaking is Corey Kauffman, all-about assistant Catherine “Cat” Lebron and Publicist Marc Abrams.

Kauffman agreed to reply some queries.

KEN HISSNER: In having started out endorsing where ended up some of the services you promoted at?

MARSHALL KAUFFMAN: River Edge Cafe and Sovereign Centre in Examining. Day’s Inn and Rodeway Inn both of those in Allentown. 

KEN HISSNER: How did you get involved with doing the job with Al Haymon?

MARSHALL KAUFFMAN: Perfectly my to start with knowledge with Al Haymon was when he signed Travis back again in 2008 and we started a organization partnership again then  which ultimately turned into a friendship and in 2014 I started off advertising and marketing demonstrates for PBC. 

KEN HISSNER: How terrific was it Alycia “The Bomb” Baumgardner just won a planet title in the United kingdom?

MARSHALL KAUFFMAN: It was like a desire appear true! We, meaning Andrew Foy and I always understood that she experienced the potential to get the Planet Title but the powers that be controlled women’s boxing and we had been not confident we would get that chance unless of course we pressured the struggle by way of the corporations but it all arrived jointly.

KEN HISSNER: I have an understanding of you someday do the job out of a further residence you have in Houston, Texas, what if anything at all do you do there pertaining to boxing?

MARSHALL KAUFFMAN: I enable prepare boxers and operate with James Cooper who is a coach and proprietor at a gym referred to as O Athletik which is also owned by NFL players Trent Williams and Adrian Peterson.

KEN HISSNER: I want to thank you for getting the time from your hectic program to reply some thoughts.

MARSHALL KAUFFMAN:  It is my enjoyment and I hope folks get to examine this write-up.

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