Squid Game Movie Breaks Netflix Viewing Record

Telset.id, Jakarta – The Squid Game series has broken the Netflix viewing record. In the first 17 days, the South Korean film won 111 million viewers.

This record was announced live by Geeked Netflix account on Twitter on Wednesday (13/10/2021). The film directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk is a success breaking records as a series that broke through more than 100 million viewers at the start of its premiere.

β€œIt took more than 10 years for Hwang Dong-hyuk to make Squid Game. It took just 17 days and 111 million global fans to become our biggest series at launch (and the first to surpass 100 million when it premiered),” Netflix Geeked tweeted.

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Squid Game itself gets an exception from Netflix. Reported Telset from The Verge, Thursday (14/10/2021), this movie streaming site always judges the performance of its shows for the first 28 days only.

Especially for Squid Game, the film series was monitored for the first 17 days of screening with a record of 111 million viewers during that period.

The number of viewers is calculated based on the number of accounts that watched the Squid Game for at least 2 minutes. Until now, this latest Korean film took first place on the Netflix streaming service in 94 countries.

Popular Squid Game Movies Worldwide

Netflix Squid Game Viewers

The new Squid Game film series is grabbing the attention of audiences around the world. according to Rant Games, this film carries a different story concept from most Korean series.

So far, the Korean drama series or K-Drama is synonymous with stories about romance or everyday life. However, something different is presented by this latest series.

Squid Game tells the story of 456 people with different backgrounds and are placed on a remote island. Then they have to play 6 children’s games to get a prize of 45.6 billion won or around Rp. 555 billion.

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The scary thing is, every player who loses will be immediately eliminated by the executioner who wears a pink jumpsuit.

The audience is also made easy thanks to the many choices of subtitles for Squid Game. Netflix has provided 37 language subtitles in the dubbed version and 34 subtitles in the subtitled version.

With an interesting story concept and the availability of subtitle features, Squid Game has become a popular series on the streaming application from the United States. (NM/MF)