Similar to Facebook, WhatsApp has a special space for the community, Jakarta – WhatsApp plans to provide a dedicated chat room for the community in its app. This innovation is known through the WhatsApp Beta application version v2.21.21.6 which was found by one of the members XDA Developers.

This chat room for the community was created with a similar concept to existing Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Based on source code leaked on the internet, there are users who act as admins similar to the WA group.

Reported Telset on Wednesday (13/10/2021), the admin of this WhatsApp community is in charge of set which messages can be forwarded and which users can send messages.

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This feature called Community too implement an invitation system. That is, users who can enter the WhatsApp community are those who are invited. The invitation form itself is in the form of a link or QR Code.

This WA chat feature got the attention of WABetaInfo. The site that discusses WhatsApp’s features a lot states that the chat room feature for the WhatsApp community will be an update feature of the existing WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp Community Groups

“Someone leaked “Community”, under development for WhatsApp. We’d like to wait for some screenshots to introduce it. Community is a way for users to better organize their WhatsApp groups. Nothing more, it’s not something like Twitter and Facebook. Updates will follow soon,” he tweeted.

WhatsApp itself has not provided information about the Community feature. So there is no more complete explanation of this feature.

WhatsApp Develops More Features

Not only chat rooms for the community on WhatsApp, this popular chat application has also developed other features to maximize the user experience.

According to site WABEtaInfo, in the future the Voice Message feature in the WhatsApp application has a pause and play option. Both of these options will appear when the user is recording voice messages.

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WhatsApp Voice Messages

This option will of course be very useful, because so far when a user records a WhatsApp voice message, it can only be done in one process without being able to pause it.

This new feature in Facebook’s chat app will be released for beta users on Android and iOS. However, there is no information about when the feature will start rolling out for the beta and stable versions of WhatsApp. (NM/MF)