Realme prepares cellphones with 125W fast charging, the latest Realme GT?, Jakarta – Realme is preparing to present the latest cellphone with features fast charging 125W UltraDART next year. It is predicted that the 125W UltraDART phone is the successor of the Realme GT series which is also equipped with high-end specifications.

The presence of the latest flagship cellphone was confirmed directly by the boss of Realme, Madhav Sheth. In an interview, he said that the company is preparing a new phone with 125W UltraDART technology.

Quoted Telset from GSMArena, Thursday (14/10/2021), Realme is also planning an “ultra premium” phone for the GT series. Maybe, HP with fast charging The UltraDART 125W in question is a successor to the Realme GT.

But unfortunately, he didn’t give an exact date smartphone The top class was officially launched. He only ensures that the company will commercialize the technology in 2022.

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Until now, there are no detailed specifications of the latest Realme cellphone with fast charging 125W UltraDART. But for sure, smartphone This is supported by a 4,000 mAh battery and above.

Realme’s 125W UltraDART Technology

125W UltraDART Charger

This super-fast charging technology can theoretically charge 33% of a 4,000 mAh battery from empty in just 3 minutes.

From the demo shown by Realme, the 125W UltraDART converts the power of the 20V charger adapter at 6.25A through three parallel circuits to 10V at 12.5A, so that it can simultaneously charge two 2,000 mAh battery cells.

Apart from being fast, Realme also focuses on efficiency and safety. There is a special safety system that controls the temperature smartphone to always be below 40 degrees.

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HP Realme fast charging 125W UltraDART

UltraDART 125W not only supports smartphone which charges when the screen is on and playing, but also makes smartphone 5G can be charged faster, safer and more convenient to use.

Realme believes that more new 5G phones will be needed with support for 125W UltraDART technology. For this reason, Realme will provide an innovative and fast charging technology experience. (MF)