Oppo Enco Air, TWS Earphones Priced Below Rp. 1 Million Best

Telset.id – There are many choices of the latest and cheapest TWS earphones available in Indonesia. But if you’re looking for a TWS at a price below IDR 1 million, the Oppo Enco Air could be the best choice for you.

Device true wireless stereo or popularly known as TWS has now become one of the most popular accessories for users smartphone. In addition to being in demand because it is more practical than wired headsets, TWS earphones also carry features to maximize the audio quality they provide.

One of the best options available in Indonesia is the Oppo Enco Air. The price of this TWS is indeed cheap at under Rp. 1 million, but this device is guaranteed to provide delicious audio quality and provide a high level of comfort to users when using it for a long time.

Here are some reasons why the Oppo Enco Air deserves to be called the cheapest and best TWS earphones for now. Let’s see the following review below!

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Stylish and Ergonomic Design

Oppo Enco Air

Cheap TWS frills are usually closely related to second-class designs that are market and cheap. But not with the Oppo Enco Air which is actually made with a cool design, quality, and different from the others.

Oppo Enco Air has a rounded casing design with a matte texture. There are two color options that line the container, namely Misty White and Misty Black.

This Oppo TWS case is slim and easy to carry everywhere, because the overall weight is only 40.4 grams. Even though it’s light, but build qualityits very good. The plastic material is quite thick and is IPX4 certified to be splash-proof.

The top has a semi-transparent design. The design of the casing which is quite clear is somewhat more stylish and different from the others, because it allows users to peek at the pair of earbuds inside.

Best TWS earphones for 1 million

Each earbud inside is also ergonomically designed to fit the natural curve of the user’s ear. The design is semi in-ear, weighing only 3.75 grams for each earbud.

With a different design from most low-priced TWS, the Oppo Enco Air is very comfortable on the ear. Each earbud fits perfectly in the ear and doesn’t come off easily when used while on the move.

Oppo Enco Air Has a Long Lasting Battery

Oppo Enco Air

The drawback that makes TWS lose to wired headsets is the battery life. Usually these wireless devices only last for a short time, not suitable for everyday use.

But it’s different from the Oppo Enco Air. Somehow, the 25 mAh battery in each earbud can last for hours of simultaneous use.

Oppo Enco Air can last up to 4 hours if used continuously. Even when used with its casing which has a 440 mAh battery, users can enjoy music for up to 24 hours.

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Apart from music playback, these earphones also offer up to 2.5 hours of talk time, and 15 hours of talk time when used with the charging case.

If the battery runs out, there is a dual charging feature that allows users to charge both earbuds and the case at the same time using USB-C. Within 10 minutes of charging, the device will provide 8 hours of battery life. Cool, right?

Diverse Audio Features

The best cheap TWS earphones for 1 million

The availability of AI-based or artificial intelligence features makes the Oppo Enco Air deserve to be called the best TWS earphones at a low price under Rp. 1 million.

This wireless audio device is equipped with an AI-based Noise Cancellation feature that can reduce noise when users make phone calls.

This AI technology can intelligently distinguish and separate the human voice and background noise automatically real-time. This feature is also maximized by the presence of dual internal microphones in each earbud.

This microphone is very sensitive to improve focus and vocal clarity during phone calls.

In addition, the Oppo Enco Air became the world’s first wireless earphone to pass the TUV Rheinland test. Several tests were carried out, such as cross-system compatibility, latency, transmission stability, and call clarity.

This certification from TUV Rheinland ensures the Oppo Enco Air has low latency and the best voice call quality.

Oppo’s latest TWS earphones are also suitable for use by hardcore gamers. There is a special gaming mode that provides low latency while users are playing their favorite games.

The Promising Audio Quality of the Oppo Enco Air

Oppo Enco Air

Even though the price is affordable, Oppo doesn’t play around with the audio quality of the Enco Air. Believe it or not, this device is made with tuning or a configuration from Oppo’s Blu-Ray technology R&D team with 16 years of experience in the audio-visual world.

Evidently, this cheap and best TWS earphone has a large 12nm titanium composite driver. With a very large driver, connoisseurs of booming bass sound will be spoiled by this TWS Oppo.

But it doesn’t necessarily just rely on a soft and rich bass sound, the Oppo Enco Air also presents sound midrange and trebleit is clear and loud.

For the audio formats it supports, Enco Air supports high-definition encoding and subband codec (SBC). Extremely high AAC encoding capability gives almost every detail to the sound.

Easy Control, Fast Pairing

The best TWS earphones Price 1 million

The true pleasure of TWS devices is not only audio quality and ear comfort, but also control and fast pairing. People in the fast-paced era like now certainly don’t want to be complicated to just use TWS. Agree?

Oppo Enco Air is very easy to pair with smartphone. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 support, users just need to open the case while turning Bluetooth on smartphone them so that the two devices can be connected perfectly.

This audio device also supports instant connection, where the Oppo Enco Air will automatically connect to the phone smartphone just by opening the lid of the casing alone.

Controlling this device is also very easy, just use certain gestures. For example, double-tap on Erabud to skip a song or answer/end a phone call.

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Triple tap to summon Google Assistant. Then, press and hold the left earbud for 1 second to lower the volume or launch game mode.

Press and hold the right earbud to increase the volume, and tap and hold both earbuds to enter auto-pairing mode. Complete isn’t it?

Currently, the cheapest and best Oppo Enco Air TWS earphones can be found in Indonesia for under Rp. 1 million, to be exact, only Rp. 900 thousand.

This device is available online at the Oppo Official Store which is found on various well-known e-commerce sites in Indonesia, Oppo Service Center, Oppo Store application, and also offline through stores that sell Oppo smartphone and IoT devices throughout Indonesia.

Color Misty White / Misty Black
Driver 12mm Dynamic Driver
Speaker Sensitivity 112 dB @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response Range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Microphone Sensitivity -38 dBV/Pa
Bluetooth Codec AAC/SBC
Bluetooth Version BT 5.2
Bluetooth Effective Distance 10 meters
Battery Type Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity 25 mAh (Earphones) / 440 mAh (Case)
Music Stream Time (50% volume) * 4 Hours (Earphones Only) / 24 Hours (With Case)
Charging Time 1.5 hours (Earphone with Case)
Charging Port USB Type-C
Water-resistance certificate IPX4 (Earphones only)
Overall Weight of Device 40.4 g