Oppo A16 Water Splash Resistant, Safe to Get Wet

Telset.id, Jakarta – Oppo makes cellphones entry-level not carelessly just so that the official price becomes cheap. This Chinese company is still paying attention build quality from their latest line of cheap HP. One of them is the Oppo A16 which already has a splash-resistant IPX4 rating certification.

Oppo A16 is a smartphone segment entry which is prepared as a device to support active user activities, ranging from entertainment, work, even to online business.

So it’s not surprising, Oppo designed this latest cellphone with a cool design, a body with build quality good quality, as well as reliable specifications to meet the daily needs of its users.

One of the advantages offered by this Rp. 2 million cellphone is protection against splashing water with an IPX4 rating.

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What is an IPX4 Rating?

IPX4 Sertifikasi Certification

IP actually stands for Ingress Protection, in other words IP Rating is resistance or protection against something from the outside. This standard is set by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), which has divided it into several categories of protection against solid objects and water.

The certification standard that has been determined by the IEC is the letter IP followed by two numbers with an optional additional letter. The first digit in this rating describes solid objects, ranging from fairly large objects to the smallest particles such as dust.

While the second digit, leads to protection against water. Now, for devices that do not have information about their protection, they are given the letter X. Meanwhile, for products that do not have protection against water or dust at all, they are given a 0 mark on their rating.

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Then, what is IPX4? From the various information we found, the IPX4 rating certification can theoretically protect the device from splashes of water up to a maximum tilt of 60° from a vertical position.

That means, the Oppo A16 which has an IPX4 rating is resistant to normal water splashes and is safe when used when it rains. Don’t worry, because Oppo has added a waterproof layer that provides enough resistance for everyday use.

To prove its durability, Oppo even did rain of pipe-swing test for 10 minutes and the device has not failed after 72 hours.

Oppo A16 Splash Resistant Test

Oppo A16 IPX4 waterproof

Not only in theory, we also tried to wet the Oppo A16 by spraying water on the phone body for a few seconds. As a result, the latest Oppo cellphone is still functioning normally.

Not enough, we also tried to flush the Oppo A16 with a fairly large volume of water from various angles. Similarly, there is no problem with smartphone.

However, never bring smartphone This is bathing let alone swimming for a long time. Of course, there will be problems in the future because the Oppo A16 only has a splash-resistant IPX4 rating certification.

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Oppo A16 IPX4 waterproof

Not only have build quality which is good, the Oppo A16 is also built with a compact body with a relatively light weight. The body is only 8.4 mm thick and weighs around 190 grams.

Smartphone This is guaranteed to be very comfortable to carry all day long. Not only casual users or online business actors, online motorcycle taxi or ojol drivers also don’t have to hesitate to use it on the streets thanks to its relatively good bdo resistance. (MF)