New TikTok Feature, Can Mute Comments While Live Streaming, Jakarta – TikTok will introduce a comment mute feature when streaming live. This feature is able to mute other annoying users during streaming.

Reported Telset from Ubergizmo on Thursday (14/10/2021), every time a user does a live stream, there is always the possibility of viewers or other users disturbing. They gave negative comments so that the live streaming did not run optimally.

Other viewers instead focus on reading negative comments, and are even affected by their comments. TikTok is aware of this phenomenon and provides a solution by presenting a comment mute feature.

Through the mute feature, TikTok streamers can disable certain viewers while streaming live. Streamers can mute disturbing viewers for a few minutes, or during a live stream.

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Later the audience in question will not be able to comment during the live stream, and their entire comment history will be deleted on the streaming content.

“Now, hosts can temporarily disable unfavorable viewers for a few seconds or minutes, or during a live. If an account is muted for some time, that person’s entire comment history will also be deleted,” TikTok said.

For your information, TikTok has introduced a feature to delete malicious comments on video content. For this reason, the comment mute feature on this live streaming completes the features that already exist.

The comment mute feature will be released on TikTok in the near future. So for those of you who like streaming on TikTok, just wait.

TikTok Brings Online Shopping Features

Mute TikTok Live Streaming Feature

Previously, TikTok also presented an online shopping feature. This feature allows users to shop online, either as a seller or a buyer.

A feature called TikTok Shop is presented to help entrepreneurs and consumers to sell and shop through TikTok. This online selling feature was first introduced at TikTok: The Stage.

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This feature is said to take advantage of the power of the community and the variety of creative features available in the app. This feature also allows entrepreneurs to develop their business even better.

Through this feature, businesses can upload products and manage orders via TikTok. Apart from entrepreneurs, consumers can also shop online while watching the latest videos on TikTok.