Instagram Develops 3 Special Features for Teens, What are they?, Jakarta – Facebook is trying to prevent Instagram from having a bad impact on teenagers. To that end, they also developed 3 special features aimed at maintaining the mental health of teenagers. Anything?

Reported Telset from Android Central On Wednesday (13/10/2021), Facebook’s Vice President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg recently explained that the Facebook Group cares about the mental health of teenage users, especially on Instagram.

Therefore, at the moment of World Mental Health Day which fell on October 10, 2021 yesterday, Clegg leaked the future plans for the photo and video sharing application.

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There are 3 features under development. The first is a feature that allows parents or adults, to supervise children when accessing Instagram. This feature is intended to let parents know what children and teens are doing on social media.

“We will introduce a new control for adults from teenagers that is optional. This feature allows adults to monitor what their children are doing online,” said Nick.

Second, Instagram will create a new feature that is capable of curating content for teens. This feature will keep users who are still children and teenagers from content that has a bad impact.

“In this feature the system will recognize that a teenager may be constantly viewing content that can damage their well-being and push them away from that content,” said Nick.

Instagram Take a Break Features for Teens

Instagram Teen User

The latest Instagram feature that is being developed is the “Take a Break” feature. This feature is a kind of reminder for teenagers to take a break and stop temporarily accessing Instagram.

“The company plans to add a Take a Break prompt that will remind teens to take a break and to limit the amount of time spent on the app,” Nick said.

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Unfortunately, Nick Clegg did not elaborate on the three features, or when the features will be released. However, he said that Facebook has invested USD 13 billion or Rp. 184.8 trillion to ensure all its applications are safe for users.

Hopefully these three features can be released soon, so that teenagers can access Instagram safely and comfortably. [NM/IF]