Frequent interruptions, Instagram tests the notification feature when the service is down, Jakarta – Realizing that system disturbances often occur, Instagram has also tested the notification feature if the application is down at any time. This feature is done so that users get notified when there is a problem with the Instagram application.

Instagram announced a trial of this feature through its official website. According to the photo and video sharing application, there will be a feature that will provide notifications if the Instagram server is down, so that the application will experience massive disruption.

Instagram states that this feature will prevent user confusion when the application cannot be accessed normally. Because usually, when Instagram is disturbed, users will immediately vent to Twitter social media until it becomes trending.

“We’re testing a new feature that will notify you in the Activity Feed menu when we experience a technical glitch or issue, and when it’s resolved,” said Instagram.

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Unfortunately Instagram does not automatically provide information in case of interference. The feature will only work if many people are confused when the application suddenly cannot be accessed.

“We won’t send notifications every time there’s a power outage, but when we see people confused and looking for answers, we’ll determine if something like this can help clarify things,” he explained.

Instagram Down Notification feature annoys
Display notification feature when Instagram is down

A trial of the feature will be implemented in the United States in the next few months. After that the Instagram down notification feature will be released globally in many countries.

“Just like any other experiment, this might be something we are rolling out more broadly, but we want to start small and learn. And if it makes sense, we’ll expand to more people,” said Instagram.

Instagram Crashes 2 Times Last Week

Instagram Down Notification Features

Just for information that last week Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were disrupted. Even specifically for Instagram, the disturbance occurred 2 times, namely October 4, 2021 and October 9, 2021.

In the case of October 4, 2021, the disturbance lasted more than 5 hours. This caused many users to scream and shout the hashtag #InstagramDown on Twitter until it was trending.

The next day, Facebook announced that the service had recovered and explained the cause of the disruption. It turned out that the cause came from the Facebook backbone router. An incorrect configuration change occurred on the backbone router system.

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However, even though the service is claimed to have recovered, on October 9, 2021, Instagram announced that the disruption had occurred again. Thankfully the disruption didn’t last long and Instagram announced that services were back to normal.

“Everything has been fixed, and everything should be back to normal now. thank you for supporting us (and for all the memes of the week),” said Instagram.

Hopefully the feature can be released globally, including Indonesia, so that people don’t panic too much when there is a disturbance. (NM/MF)