60% of the latest Samsung phones will be powered by Exynos processors

Telset.id, Jakarta – Samsung is one of the vendors smartphone which makes its own processor. In the future, the South Korean company will add more new HP models that use Samsung Exynos processors.

Reportedly, this decision was made to reduce Samsung’s dependence on other chipset manufacturers, such as Samsung or MediaTek.

Reports say that Samsung will increase production of their chipsets from next year. With this, there will be more of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones that will be driven by the Exynos chipset.

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As reported ETNews, currently only 20% of smartphone Samsung Galaxy powered by Exynos processor. Therefore, the South Korean vendor will periodically increase the number of Exynos-powered phones.

Apart from Galaxy models, some brands smartphone China such as Vivo and Meizu have also used Samsung’s Exynos chipset.

Samsung Improves Exynos Chipset Quality

HP Samsung Exynos processor

Samsung’s plan in the future is that 50 to 60% of its latest HP will use Exynos processors. The company has begun to expand its facilities to achieve this prestigious target.

In addition, Samsung is also embracing ARM CPU cores to increase the performance of the Exynos SoC in the high-end and mid-range. And again, the company has partnered with AMD to build a mobile GPU.

The first processor with an AMD GPU was the Exynos 2200. The processor has a 1-core Cortex X2 configuration with clock-speed 2.9GHz, mid-tier 3-core with clock-speed 2.8GHz, and a small 4-core running at 2.2GHz.

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Hopefully, the SoC will make its debut next year. The processor with this 5nm architecture will be embedded in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Series.

Not only multiplying devices with Exynos chipsets, Samsung is also seriously targeting to increase total shipments smartphone by 50 to 60 million units to 320 million units starting this year.

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