5 Tips for Making Product Photos with HP Cameras, Suitable for Beginners

Telset.id – For those of you who are running an online business, product photos are an important part that cannot be underestimated. For that, this time we share tips for making interesting product photos using HP cameras, especially the Oppo A16.

Many business people do not pay much attention to the photos of the products being sold. One of the reasons is because they argue that they do not have a capable supporting device such as a DSLR camera or a digital camera smartphone flagship with a high resolution camera.

But as we all know, the two devices mentioned above are sold in the market at a fairly expensive price. As the saying goes “many roads lead to Rome”, this limitation can still be tricked by using an HP camera priced at Rp. 2 million like the Oppo A16.

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According to Meyani Kristina Ningrum, who is a teacher at the MSME product photography workshop, the photos are produced through the camera smartphone is more than enough to display on social media or for online stores.

The latest Oppo cellphone has been officially sold in Indonesia at a price of IDR 2 million. Of course, this is a solution as well as tips for making quality and attractive product photos using a cellphone at an affordable price.

But of course many are still confused about how to create quality photos using a camera smartphone. Well, here are tips for making interesting product photos with the HP Oppo A16 camera.

Tips for Making Attractive Product Photos with HP Oppo A16

photo tips using a cellphone

For additional information, Meyani is a teacher of offline and online workshops with basic food & product photography for SMEs, agencies, and communities in the Batam area.

“The main capital for selling on social media is beautifully packaged photos. With the HP Oppo A16 camera, we can produce photos that are in accordance with the promotional needs of MSME actors,” explained Meyani.

Here are a number of tips from Meyani to make interesting product photos using the HP Oppo A16 camera.

1. Optimal Lighting

Lighting is an important factor for making quality product photos. No need to use professional lighting tools that require additional costs, just natural light.

Meyani suggests taking photos on a terrace or near a window that is exposed to maximum natural light.

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In addition, also make sure the time of the photo is right or often mentioned golden hour. For your information, golden hour occurs about 1 hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.

To outsmart the lighting, you can also use aluminum foil to reflect light onto the product you’re photographing. This makes the product exposed to light more optimally.

2. Right Angle

Tips for making interesting product photos with HP Oppo A16

After the lighting is right, don’t forget to pay attention to the shooting angle or angle. To get the right angle, Meyani suggests applying the concept of observing, imitating, and modifying.

You can see photos of other people’s products on the internet or social media. Learn the angle of taking the photo, then practice and make modifications according to the product we are shooting.

In this way, over time you will get used to photographing products. Later you will get used to it and be able to determine for yourself which angle is right.

3. Properties As Sweetener

To make the photo look more aesthetic and the composition more fitting, you can prepare other properties as decoration. No need to buy, just use things around with the same color.

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If the colors don’t match, at least the properties used match the product. The use of property is not a must, it just needs to be adjusted to the needs.

4. Polish Photos with Editing

Tips for making interesting product photos with HP Oppo A16

After the photo has been captured, don’t forget about the finishing process through editing. With editing, the photos taken can be polished to make it look more attractive.

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Several editing applications are recommended by Meyani, such as Lightroom Mobile, Remove.bg and Canva. According to Meyani, the three applications are very easy to use, especially for beginners.

5. Take advantage of the Expert Mode on the Oppo A16

If you are more proficient, you can use the Expert Mode and Natural Lighting on the Oppo A16 camera. These two modes are also Meyani’s mainstay for taking pictures using the Oppo A16.

By utilizing this mode, you can freely adjust saturation, white balance, and so on for maximum photo results.

So, for those of you who want to buy the Oppo A16, the latest Oppo cellphone is officially available in Indonesia and is sold at a price of Rp. 2.4 million only. (HR/MF)